What is a MADomizer?

What is a MADomizer?

What is a MADomizer?

The MADomizer® Bottle Atomizer from Teleflex is a simple, effective delivery system for topical anesthetics, vasoconstrictors and other nasal or oral medications. The MADomizer® Device design allows targeted delivery of exact drug doses to the nasal and oral mucosa.

How do you use an intranasal atomizer?

Position the child on their back or the child can sit. Hold the top of the head stable and place the MAD in the nostril. Rest the tip of the MAD snugly against the insides of the nostril and aim it up and outwards (e.g., toward the top of the ear).

What is an atomizer for medication?

A device used to reduce liquid medication to fine particles in the form of a spray or aerosol; useful in delivering medication to the lungs, nose, and throat. See also: nebulizer, vaporizer.

How do you give intranasal midazolam?

Adults and children 12 years of age and older—5 milligrams (mg) or 1 spray into one nostril. A second spray may be taken 10 minutes after the first dose if needed. Do not use a second dose if you have trouble breathing or excessive sleepiness during a seizure cluster episode.

How many sprays are in Nayzilam?

Administer NAYZILAM by the nasal route only. Initial Dose: Administer one spray (5 mg dose) into one nostril. Second Dose (if needed): One additional spray (5 mg dose) into the opposite nostril may be administered after 10 minutes if the patient has not responded to the initial dose.

Can you mix perfume in atomizer?

Filling a perfume atomizer is easy! All you need to do is remove the nozzle and tube; then pour the perfume into the atomizer bottle. After you’ve filled up the bottle, you simply have to place the cap back onto the bottle and it’s ready to use!

How do I use midazolam atomizer?

Hold the child’s head steady with your free hand. Insert the head of the atomizer of one of the syringes into one nostril snugly (Picture 1). 3. Quickly press in the plunger to deliver the full syringe into the nostril.