What is a co object in SAP?

What is a co object in SAP?

What is a co object in SAP?

Cost object means any object which collects the costs like cost center, internal order, profit center, profitability segment, PM Order in PM module, Purchase order in MM module.

What is CO account assignment in SAP?

Default SAP CO Account Assignment First it checks the document which a user is posting. If the cost center is empty in the document, then the system checks if any substitutions are maintained for the particular G/L account.

How do you assign GL to co object?

When you create a GL account as cost element, CO object will become mandatory automatically. You dont have to do anything for that. If you want to fix the CO object for that particular GL account/Cost element, then you can assign CO object in Cost element master record or in OKB9.

What are the co object be in an accounting document?

When a document is being posted, system gives a message that A/c xxxx requires an assignment to a CO object. It is basically requiring you to enter a cost center or other CO object (like sales order, production order etc.) this is because a cost element is created for the P&L account.

Where is account assignment category SAP?

You can see this at ME21n under item overview. Path:SPRO—>Materials Management—>Purchasing—>Account Assignment—>Maintain Account assignment categories .

What is difference between account assignment category and item category?

Account assignment defines which account assignment data is necessary for an item, on the other hand item category defines how the service item is controlled.

How do you create an OKB9 in SAP?

You can assign a cost element to Company code/Val Area/Business area /Cost Center based on flexibility & business requirement. you need to create the primary Cost element before assigning it in OKB9.

How do you assign a cost element to a GL account in SAP?

Creation of primary cost elements at FI area – GL Master creation

  1. Choose Account group and account type.
  2. Update short text and long text as “salaries account.
  3. Click on create/bank/interest and updated field status group field as G004 (cost accounts).
  4. Then click edit cost element button for creation of cost element.

What is the purpose of OKB9?

OKB9 is used for making default settings to the GL accounts. You can assign either a cost center, order or profit center to the cost elements. Whenever the system is not able to find a cost center entered for this expense account it will default from this OKB9 settings.

What is SAP OBYC?

You use transaction OBYC to assign SAP General Ledger (GL) accounts in Financial Accounting (FI) to movement types in Materials Management (MM), also known as SAP MM-FI Automatic Account Determination. End users do not typically have authorization to run OBYC.

What are the different account assignment category in SAP MM?

You specify which account assignment object is to be charged via the account assignment category. The account assignment category determines: The nature of the account assignment (cost center, sales order, and so on) Which accounts are to be charged when the incoming invoice or goods receipt is posted.

How to create retained earnings account in SAP?

– Yearly net income carried forward – Distribution of dividends – Transfers to appropriations and deductions from appropriations – Transfer to minority interest and deductions from minority interest.

What is automatic account assignment in SAP co?

The nature of the account assignment (cost center,sales order,and so on)

  • Which accounts are to be charged when the incoming invoice or goods receipt is posted
  • Which account assignment data you must provide
  • How to create accounting key in SAP?

    – Description: Update the description of tax account key. – Tax Type : Choose the tax type as 2 (Input tax) from the list (for list – click on dropdown icon) – Not deductible: Uncheck this option, it is used for no deductible tax – Posting Indication: Choose the option as 2 (Separate line item)

    How to activate SAP* user in SAP?

    How to activate SAP* user in SAP. In SAP,There is a parameter login/no_automatic_user_sapstar whose default value is 1. If the value is set to 1. automatic login of SAP* into the SAP system using password PASS won’t be allowed. Set the value of parameter login/no_automatic_user_sapstar to 0 in both default and instance profile and restart the