What happens to Skyler in Ninjago?

What happens to Skyler in Ninjago?

What happens to Skyler in Ninjago?

While Skylor was successful, Mystake is incapacitated and killed by Garmadon. Skylor and Garmadon fight for control over the Colossus, with Garmadon victorious as the power, overwhelmed Skylor, causing her to fall sick to it.

Who is Skylor mom Ninjago?

In February 2022, Andreasen stated that it was “Very likely” Skylor’s or her mother’s backstory would be explored “in some form.” This was later revealed to be Amber Spiral, a story released on LEGO.com and the LEGO Life app in May 2022.

How old is Skylor in Ninjago?

Skylor is also around the same age. Kai and Jay are the same age. They’re about 17.

Who is Cole’s gf in Ninjago?

Cole and Nya in Season 11 In Season 6, Nya ultimately chooses to be with Jay but Cole is supportive of her choice with all three remaining good friends in the end. In “Day of the Departed,” Nya and the others were very happy Cole was fine and became a human again.

Who is Princess Vania in Ninjago?

As the daughter of King Vangelis, Princess Vania is the rightful heir to Shintaro. She’s a huge fan of the ninja and is truly honored when they accept her invitation to her birthday party. She loves books, is strong-willed, stubborn, and has a tendency not to do what her father says.

Who is Lloyd’s love interest?

Harumi is the love interest of Lloyd Garmadon in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.

What is the Red Ninjago name?

Kai Kai
Kai. Kai (voiced by Vincent Tong) is the red ninja and Elemental Master of Fire. Like Lloyd, he frequently wields either a katana or dual katanas.

Does Cole like Princess Vania?

Out of all the ninja, Vania took the most interest in Cole. Although she doesn’t have a love interest with the Earth Ninja, she spent the most time with Cole and he earned Vania’s respect.

Does Lloyd like Harumi?

Lloyd had a crush on Harumi from the moment he saw her. Harumi quickly realized this and began growing closer to him, allowing him to call her “Rumi” instead of “Princess” as the other ninja had to.