What happens in Titanic car scene?

What happens in Titanic car scene?

What happens in Titanic car scene?

Taking to Twitter, Cameron revealed a picture of the car from Titanic, in which, Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) made steamy, passionate love. At one point during that scene, Rose puts her hand on the steamed up car window and, per this image, the handprint is, miraculously, still there.

Did Titanic movie make people cry?

Yet once it was time for a break, Winslet would run off in a flood of tears. “It would not be unusual for Kate, after a really big emotional scene, to go and cry for an hour, just as part of the process,” says Cameron. Yet fortunately, she had Leonardo DiCaprio to help get her through all the overwhelming scenes.

What does Rose say on the bow of the Titanic?

The scene: A salvage ship crew, searching for Titanic-era artifacts, asks Rose, who has come onboard, to recount her experience on the ill-fated ship. She begins by saying, “It’s been 84 years.”

Did Leonardo DiCaprio wear makeup Titanic?

The story goes that DiCaprio walked into Winslet’s dressing room ahead of the I-want-you-to-draw-me-like-one-of-your-French-girls scene to find the actress completely undressed. “I was having my makeup put on—with nothing on—and there was Leo,” Winslet said in 1998.

When should I skip the Titanic?

When Rose and Jack go into her stateroom and she unlocks the safe and brings out the diamond necklace, hit *skip*. Keep skipping until they burst out the door onto the deck, just before Titanic hits the iceberg. You will have missed all the naughty bits.

What’s so sad about the Titanic?

One of the great tragedies of this disaster is that many of the lifeboats that left the Titanic were nowhere near their capacity, which meant many more passengers could have been saved. Once the boat sinks, one of the lifeboats decides they need to go back and try to rescue some of those in the water.

Why do people cry watching Titanic?

The first scene that made me cry is when Rose gets into the life boat and as the boat goes down, they look each other. The background music! Then next one, the father saying good bye to his children – “its goodbye for only a little while”. I couldn’t control myself when the children waves their hands at their father.