What happens if you fail a breadth subject Unimelb?

What happens if you fail a breadth subject Unimelb?

What happens if you fail a breadth subject Unimelb?

If you have failed a subject, the credit points won’t count towards your degree, but it may affect your WAM. You will need to repeat the subject, in the case of a core or compulsory subject; or ‘replace’ the subject with a different subject.

How many breadth subjects can you take?

3 breadth subjects
Re: Breadth Requirements & Questions You can only take 3 breadth subjects as level 1.

What is a breadth class?

Breadth classes are any courses that are NOT business classes or requirements. They are college requirements for BBA students in addition to the University Gen Ed Requirements.

Are breadth subjects compulsory?

Breadth tracks are optional and subjects in a track need to be added to the breadth component of your study plan individually.

What is a breadth minor?

Breadth Minors – provide an option for students who wish to broaden their body of knowledge across a range of discipline areas or to undertake interdisciplinary studies. These can be shared across disciplines and colleges.

How many breadth subjects can you do Melbourne Uni?

Breadth requirements Complete a minimum of 50 points (four subjects) and a maximum of 62.5 points (five subjects) of breadth study. You can complete a maximum of 25 points (two subjects) at Level 1. You must complete at least 12.5 points (1 subject) at Level 2 or Level 3.

What is a breadth unit?

Breadth Units are designed to introduce students to knowledge outside of their chosen discipline, teaching them to understand how others think and solve problems. These inter-disciplinary units are offered at all year levels and are taught by academics from a range of disciplines and Schools. Breadth Unit for Degree.

What is a breadth requirement?

The breadth requirement gives you the opportunity to choose courses across a range of subject areas, allowing you to gain knowledge and an understanding of disciplines outside of your main fields of study.

What is breadth in curriculum?

Breadth means a broad academic curriculum. That means science, technology, engineering and maths. It means first and second language learning. It also means history, geography, art, music, physical education and more.

What are breadth subjects at Melbourne Uni?

A breadth subject is a subject from a different area of study to the degree that you are enrolled in. Breadth subjects are only available to undergraduate students.

What is a breadth track?

A breadth track is a set of three or more subjects that progressively develops knowledge and skills relevant to some domain, theme, topic or issue. The University has developed a comprehensive range of approved breadth tracks for each course (see below).