What happened to the Tok Ra in Stargate?

What happened to the Tok Ra in Stargate?

What happened to the Tok Ra in Stargate?

Her fate was unknown for millenia. The Tok’ra believed her killed until she was discovered dying on the planet, a victim of the people’s unwitting scientific experiments for half a century. The Tok’ra continued the fight against the Goa’uld for centuries.

What happened to the Reetou?

The Reetou were a mostly peaceful race from Reetalia. They were also phased, rendering them invisible to the naked eye unless they chose to reveal themselves. Their invisibility meant that the Goa’uld feared them and devastated Reetalia when they discovered it. Some of the Reetou went into hiding and survived.

What is the best Stargate series?

Every Stargate Movie & TV Show Ranked, According To IMDB

  1. 1 Stargate SG-1 (8.4/10)
  2. 2 Stargate: Atlantis (8.1/10)
  3. 3 SGU Stargate Universe (7.6/10)
  4. 4 Stargate: Continuum (7.5/10)
  5. 5 Stargate: The Ark Of Truth (7.4/10)
  6. 6 Stargate (7.1/10)
  7. 7 SGO Stargate Origins (3.9/10)
  8. 8 SGI Stargate: Infinity (3.6/10)

What happened to the Furlings in Stargate?

In Stargate SG-1: The Alliance, the Furlings were mentioned as one of the races that were attacked by the marauding Haaken. In Stargate Worlds, the Furlings chose the Goa’uld race to be their caretaker species for the galaxy but were later transformed as well as enslaved by Ra who turned them into the Straegis.

Can the NOX ascend?

We don’t know much about the Nox culture/technology, but (just as the snakes have the ability to) they have the ability to bring someone back from the dead if they need to. Despite this amazing ability however, the Goauld do not have the ability to ascend.

How do Tokra reproduce?

MALEK, a Tok’ra host: “Symbiote queens are able to fertilize their own eggs. It is essentially an asexual process.””

Where did the Goa’uld come from?

The origins of the Goa’uld lie on the planet designated P3X-888. Long ago the Goa’uld learned how to infest and possess the Unas, another species native to that world, and learned to operate the Stargate on their planet and leave.

What happened to Charlie in sg1?

Charlie shot himself in his bedroom in the family home in Winter Park, Colorado, and died later in the emergency room. It was the guilt that Jack felt over the death of his son that drove Jack to consider suicide.

What happened to Nicholas Ballard?

With no one believing his wild stories about teleportation to great places and seeing large, vaporous beings, Nick had himself committed to a psychiatric institute in Oregon. Daniel was a regular visitor there until he disappeared into a journey of his own in the mid 1990’s.

What is the best Stargate SG-1 episode?

The 10 Best Episodes of Stargate SG-1

  • Moebius Pt.
  • Lost City Pt. 2 – Season 7: Episode 22.
  • Camelot – Season 9: Episode 20.
  • Heroes Pt. 2 – Season 7: Episode 18.
  • The Fifth Race – Season 2: Episode 15.
  • Window of Opportunity – Season 4: Episode.
  • Children of the Gods Pt. 1 & 2.
  • Stargate SG-1 returns to COMET on April 30.