What happened to the corvette in 1970?

What happened to the corvette in 1970?

What happened to the corvette in 1970?

Not a single 1970 Corvette laid a tire on a showroom floor until February of ’70. This caused production numbers to fall by more than 50% from 38,762 in 1969 to just 17,316, the lowest total since 1962; when the nine-year-old ‘Vette was still finding its place in the market.

What color does the interior of a 1970 Corvette come in?

The standard all-vinyl interior comes in black, saddle, dark brown dark green, blue and red. The interior of the 1970 Corvette was designed to put you in complete control, no matter what your mission was. The whole is the sum of its parts.

How much does a 1970 Corvette weigh?

To learn more about the 1970 Corvette, click here . +88 lb. (With Standard, L46 Engines & 3 Speed Transmission) +78 lb. (With Standard Engine & Automatic Transmission) +99 lb.

How many quarts of oil does a 1970 Corvette take?

1970 Corvette Specs Oil Pressure Gauge Mechanical Crankcase Oil Capacity, Standard, L79 En 4 Quarts, Less Filter 5 Quarts, With Fil Crankcase Oil Capacity, L36, L68, L71, L 5 Quarts, Less Filter 6 Quarts, With Fil Recommended Oil Grade Above 20°F: SAE 20W, SAE 10W-30, 10W-40,

Why don’t people like the 1971 corvettes?

Some readers may dispute this choice because the ’71 was largely treated by GM brass as an extended run of 1970 Corvettes and up to that point, almost every model year had seen far more extensive improvements. They might also bemoan the lower compression ratios across the board and the base car’s 270 HP.

Where is the VIN number on a 1970 Corvette?

Tuxedo Black was no longer available as an exterior color although there were probably a few cars that were painted black as special orders. 1970 Corvette engines have the last six digits of the VIN stamped on the block after the engine number The body number plate is located on the engine side of the cowl.