What happened to local on the eights on The Weather Channel?

What happened to local on the eights on The Weather Channel?

What happened to local on the eights on The Weather Channel?

To create more time for live coverage, The Weather Channel said it would “collapse our Local On the 8s so that they run during our live segments. Where you use to see our traditional Local On the 8s segments, you will see the same weather information displayed on the right side and/or bottom of the screen.”

Who is the Local On the 8s voice?

Dan Chandler
This function is similar to a narration feature in the WeatherSTAR 4000 that was used from 1990 to 1995; the narration, voiced by Dan Chandler, was used only to introduce products in the forecast segment.

Who makes The Weather Channel music?

That person is Steve Hurst, producer and music programmer at The Weather Channel. While shopping for Local Forecast music (that which is licensed by BMI, the only guideline that the 2-minute cut must follow), Hurst, 34, says, “I wandered across the Phish section and thought, this would be cool. ‘”

What happened to The Weather Channel on TV?

The Weather Channel, a staple of cable and satellite TV systems for 40 years, previously partnered with a larger network when it was owned by NBCUniversal. Allen Media Group, led by mogul Byron Allen, acquired the channel in 2018 for $300 million.

What happened to the Weather Channel on TV?

Who has left the Weather Channel?

Veteran TV weather anchor Sam Champion will be hosting his last show for the Weather Channel on Tuesday after spending three years with the cable channel, Atlanta Journal-Constitution blogger Rodney Ho wrote Monday.

What kind of music does The Weather Channel play?

Smooth Jazz
But for years, dedicated viewers have insisted that the Weather Channel rocks, literally. Now, thanks to a new CD called “The Weather Channel Presents: The Best of Smooth Jazz,” the first in a series of albums the cable channel is producing, you, too, can discover the hip beats of the Weather Channel.