What happened to Bobby Hart?

What happened to Bobby Hart?

What happened to Bobby Hart?

Bobby and his second wife now live in Los Angeles. He is still very much involved in the business, composing for many varied projects. Forty years later the impact of Boyce and Hart still resonates.

Are Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart still alive?

Sidney Thomas “Tommy” Boyce (September 29, 1939 – November 23, 1994) and Bobby Hart (born Robert Luke Harshman; February 18, 1939) were a prolific American duo of singer-songwriters. In addition to three top-40 hits as artists, the duo is well known for its songwriting for The Monkees.

Which Monkees songs were written by Boyce and Hart?

In 1966 Boyce and Hart were named musical directors for the NBC-TV situation comedy series “The Monkees.” Among other songs, they wrote “The Monkees Theme (Hey, Hey, We’re the Monkees).” The two men later recorded a Top 40 tune, “Out and About,” and followed it up with a Top 10 hit, “I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight.”

How much does Bobby Hart make?


Contract: 3 yr(s) / $16,150,000
Signing Bonus $3,000,000
Average Salary $5,383,333
Total Guarantees $5,500,000
Guaranteed at Signing $5,500,000

Where is Tommy Boyce buried?

Tommy Boyce

Original Name Sidney Thomas Boyce
Birth 29 Sep 1939 Charlottesville, Charlottesville City, Virginia, USA
Death 23 Nov 1994 (aged 55) Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA
Burial Scottsville Cemetery Scottsville, Albemarle County, Virginia, USA Show Map
Memorial ID 6621477 · View Source

Did Tommy Boyce commit suicide?

Tommy Boyce, part of the singing and songwriting duo of Boyce and Hart who wrote “Last Train to Clarksville” and other hits for the Monkees, has shot himself to death at his home. He was 55.

How many songs did Boyce and Hart wrote for the Monkees?

Boyce & Hart, best known as frequent songwriters for the Monkees, were among the more successful West Coast pop/rock composers of the late ’60s, also landing some material with other artists and making some records of their own, including the hit “I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight.” Only six of these 18 tracks were …

How many songs did Boyce and Hart write for the Monkees?

Who wrote Last Train to Clarksville?

Tommy Boyce
Robert Luke Harshman
Last Train to Clarksville/Composers
The song “Last Train to Clarksville” was written by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, a songwriting team that wrote several Monkees hits.

Who wrote the song Pleasant Valley Sunday?

Micky Dolenz – Pleasant Valley Sunday The song was written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King and inspired by a street named Pleasant Valley Way in West Orange, New Jersey.