What happened at the Dozier School?

What happened at the Dozier School?

What happened at the Dozier School?

Throughout the 111-year history of the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys, the reform school gained a reputation for abuse, beatings, rapes, torture, and even murder of students by staff. In 1903, an inspection reported that students at the school were commonly kept in leg irons.

What was the purpose of the Dozier School?

Dozier School for Boys) was in use from 1900-2011. From its inception it was suppose to be a refuge for troubled children convicted of crimes. By initial design, children were to receive training and education that would propel them to become productive citizens.

Is the Dozier school still open?

— The Dozier School for Boys was open for more than 100 years in the Florida Panhandle town of Marianna. It officially closed in 2011 and is known for more than a century of horrific abuse and even deaths of the children who were sent to the reform school.

How many bodies were found at the Dozier School?

The 27 “anomalies” are located less than 200 yards from a section on the Dozier school property known as Boot Hill Cemetery, where, previously, USF researchers found 55 graves. The first priority for Kimmerle, who led the original 2012 excavation at Dozier, is determining whether or not the anomalies are human burials.

How many people died at the Dozier School for Boys?

In its first two decades, investigators discovered that school administrators hired out boys to work with state convicts. They also learned that students were brutally beaten with a leather strap attached to a wooden handle. In 1914, six boys and two staff members died trapped in a burning dormitory.

Why did the Dozier school closed?

In July 2010, the state announced its plan to merge Dozier with JJOC, creating a single new facility, the North Florida Youth Development Center, with an open campus and a closed campus. However, the following year, claiming “budgetary limitations,” the state decided to close both facilities on June 30, 2011.

When did Dozier school close?

June 2011
Dozier School for Boys, operated as a reform school one hour west of Tallahassee in Marianna. The school opened as the Florida State Reform School on Jan. 1, 1900. The school was permanently closed in June 2011 after failing a state inspection.

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  • Who was Troy Tidwell?

    Some are still alive, including Troy Tidwell, an instructor at the school, who was accused of abuse in a class-action lawsuit filed by more than two hundred former students in 2009.