What frequency is Mix FM on?

What frequency is Mix FM on?

What frequency is Mix FM on?

Mix 93.8 FM
Mix 93.8 FM is a community radio station broadcasting from Gauteng using the frequency 93.8 FM.

What is Mix radio station?

Mix was a greatest hits radio station in New Zealand, broadcasting music from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Mix was owned and operated by New Zealand Media and Entertainment. Mix is targeted at 35 to 54-year-olds.

How many listeners does Mix FM have?

Mix FM (93.8) is a community radio station which aims to entertain, inspire and inform through programming that reflects the diversity of the community with an audience of 150 000 listeners.

Where did Rod Mix FM go?

Not only has he moved back to Singapore since relocating to Kuala Lumpur almost a decade ago to work at Astro Radio’s Mix FM, but he has also rejoined the radio station that fired him in 2013.

How many listeners does Rainbow FM have?

Rainbow FM 90.7 is a sustainable community radio station that serves the community and clients through excellence in broadcasting with an audience of 29 000 listeners.

What is the meaning of FM?

Frequency modulationFrequency modulation / Full name
: a system for sending radio signals in which the number of radio waves per second is changed in order to send information in the form of sound. ◊ FM is an abbreviation of “frequency modulation.”

Where is Andre hoeden now?

Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) has named radio DJ Andre Hoeden (pictured) as its content strategist for SPH Radio stations Kiss92 and ONE FM 91.3. With this newly created role, SPH aims to develop more effective quality content to meet both advertisers’ and audiences’ needs.

What happened Rod Monteiro?

Radio deejay Rod Monteiro has found out that he had an acute stroke on Tuesday. The 44-year-old host currently warded in Singapore General Hospital (SGH) had felt a “strange numbness” in his right arm and leg on Tuesday morning.