What fork oil should I use in a dirt bike?

What fork oil should I use in a dirt bike?

What fork oil should I use in a dirt bike?

Maxima Hydraulic is the best fork oil for dirt bikes in 2020. You don’t just replace fork oil when you replace your seals, or when you think it’s “been a while”. Different weight fork oil, will literally change the way your suspension feels.

What does thicker fork oil do?

Heavier oil will increase the effective damping, in other words the forks will move up and down a little slower and feel stiffer. Lighter weight oil will do the opposite, allowing the forks to move up and down faster and feel softer.

What’s the difference between 10w and 15W fork oil?

Without looking up the difference in Centi-stokes, from a practical standpoint, the thicker oil slows down both compression and rebound. 15W would deliver a slightly less compliant ride, so, high-speed compression could feel more “jarring”, and a series of hard bumps would gradually “pack-down” the suspension travel.

What viscosity is motorcycle fork oil?

Comparative Oil Weights Table

Brand Designation Viscosity Index
Maxima Racing Fork Fluid 85/150 5wt Fork Oil 150
Maxima Racing Fork Fluid 125/150 7wt Fork Oil 151
Maxima Racing Fork Fluid 165/150 10wt Fork Oil 151
Maxima Racing Fork Fluid 235/150 15wt Fork Oil 154

What is a substitute for motorcycle fork oil?

Peanut Butter, and in some cases jelly…………. Many motorcycle supply shops also sell fork oil if you’re having a hard time finding some. Massage oil is the real secret! After all you do want to keep the insides working good and what better way then to have massage oil working it.

Can I use hydraulic oil in motorcycle forks?

I would say it should be fine, as long as it doesn’t destroy the rubber fork seals. Hydraulic fluids have to be safe for rubber seals, so I’d say go for it. You can always drain and clean it if you have to.

Can I use 15W as fork oil?

No, you can’t but you can use motorcycle fork oil, which you can buy at any motorcycle shop. I would go with a Bel-Ray or Motorex 5 wt oil.

Is fork oil and shock oil the same?

Fork oil and Shock oil is the same.