What flowers will cascade over pots?

What flowers will cascade over pots?

What flowers will cascade over pots?

Ivy Geranium (Perlargonium peltatum) Perlagonium geraniums are classic container plants. The ivy form has smaller flowers but blooms just as abundantly as the upright form. Ivy geranium will spill over the edges of your container. And, like its upright relative, it can handle the heat and short periods of drought well.

What is the best trailing plant?

Flowering trailing plants for hanging baskets and pots

  • Trailing Fuchsia. A favourite with many gardeners, fuchsia plants have beautiful bell-shaped flowers that nod from the stems and last all summer.
  • Trailing Lobelia.
  • Trailing petunia (Calibrachoa)
  • Bacopa.
  • Trailing Verbena.
  • Trailing Pansies.
  • Calocephalus.
  • Ivy.

What plants are considered Spillers?

Flowering Spiller Plants

  • Petunias.
  • Lobelia.
  • Fuchsia.
  • Torrenia.
  • Bacopa.
  • Calibrachoa.
  • Nasturtium.
  • Scaevola.

What plants look good in a hanging basket?

Top 20 plants to grow in a hanging basket

  • Ferns. Ferns are some of the most popular shade-loving plants for hanging baskets.
  • Petunias. Petunias can be great for hanging baskets as they tend to mound and pour out over the sides of the basket.
  • Begonias.
  • Impatiens.
  • Fuchsia.
  • Succulents.
  • Lantana.
  • Pansies.

What flowers cascade down?

The cascading blooms (often referred to as spillers or trailing plants) can fill the air around the home with an inviting and subtle fragrance….5 Cascading Plants & Flowers for Window Boxes

  • 5 Best Cascading Plants & Flowers for Window Boxes.
  • Petunia.
  • Nemesia.
  • Impatiens.
  • Begonias.
  • Sweet Potato Vine.

What types of flowers cascade?

We have prepared a list of Cascading Flowers for Window Boxes based on the full sun or shade they love to thrive in!

  • Nemesia. Botanical Name: Nemesia strumosa.
  • Impatiens. Botanical Name: Impatiens walleriana.
  • Pansy. Botanical Name: Viola tricolor var.
  • Begonia. Botanical Name: Begonia.
  • Lantana.
  • Million bells.
  • Moss-Rose.
  • Geranium.

What is a good cascading plant?

Creeping Thyme is hugely popular as a cascading plant for retaining walls, with good reason! What is this? This low-growing perennial will create a dense mat of tiny leaves, which spreads quickly over and down retaining walls. It is easy to grow and will thrive in most conditions.

How do you grow trailing hanging baskets?

Top tip!

  1. Stand the hanging basket on a wide, short pot to keep it stable.
  2. Lay a circle of polythene at the base to help retain water.
  3. Wrap paper round the root balls of the trailing plants and push them through the holes..
  4. Put a small plastic pot near the centre of the basket to act as a watering reservoir.

Are petunias Spillers?

Petunia-This is the gold standard of spillers for many gardeners including me. They come in a wide variety of colors that will meet the requirements of any color scheme you can think up and there are varieties of petunia that have been bred especially for container gardening.

How many plants should you put in a hanging basket?

Plant spacing A general rule of thumb when planting a hanging basket is to use one plant per inch of basket diameter – so 12 plants per 30cm (12″) hanging basket. The only exception to this is when you use strong-growing plants such as Fuchsias and Geraniums (Pelargoniums).