What episode does Starfire fight Blackfire?

What episode does Starfire fight Blackfire?

What episode does Starfire fight Blackfire?

“Teen Titans” Sisters (TV Episode 2003) – IMDb.

Does Blackfire have a love interest?

Robin is Blackfire’s possible romantic interest, although she is mainly attracted to his rear end, as she constantly calls him “Mr. Butt” and is shown to focus on it, to which Robin detests. At first, Robin is shown to strongly dislike Blackfire due to her terrible treatment to her sister, Starfire.

What did Blackfire do Starfire?

After she exploded onto the pages of New Teen Titans, Blackfire quickly established herself as a fearsome and canny foe for Starfire. Trapping her in a cosmic prison, she mentally tortured her sister before revealing her true plan: to kill their parents and destroy Tamaran.

Which episode is Starfire the Terrible?

“Starfire the Terrible” is the twenty-ninth episode of the first season of Teen Titans Go!, and the twenty-ninth overall episode of the series.

How many episodes is Blackfire?

two episodes
Despite Blackfire only appearing in two episodes of the original series, she is very popular among fans.

Who did Blackfire date?

4 She Dated Vril Dox After securing the alliance with Vril Dox and claiming the southern continent of Rann as her own, Blackfire began to be attracted to Vril. Seeing that he had an egocentric personality much like her own, she saw him as an equal and decided to pursue things with him.

Why does Blackfire have purple?

Blackfire had turned purple for two days during her natural Transformation cycle, which may be a reference to the purplish color of her blackbolts, which could imply that they were indeed black originally.

Who is Starfire’s arch enemy?

Blackfire (born Princess Komand’r) is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. She is the older sister of the Teen Titans member Crown Princess Koriand’r/Starfire and of less-known youngest sibling Crown Prince Ryand’r/Darkfire. Starfire (Crown Princess Koriand’r) is her archnemesis.

Who is Beast Boy arch enemy?

The Brain
The Brain is the leader of the Brotherhood of Evil and the main enemy of the Doom Patrol and later, the Teen Titans. He is also the arch nemesis of Beast Boy and the main antagonist of Season 5.

Who did Blackfire marry?

Blackfire, when she first arrived on Earth. Blackfire later broke out from prison and wrestled control of Tamaran as its new Grand Ruler. Blackfire attempted to get revenge on Starfire by forcing her to marry Glgrdsklechhh, a hideous alien.