What does whiles away mean?

What does whiles away mean?

What does whiles away mean?

Definition of while away : to spend (time) doing something pleasant and easy We whiled away the afternoon with a walk around the garden.

Is it wile away time or while away time?

”Waiting for my physical at the doctor’s office, I whiled away the time reading the dessert recipes in an old copy of Gourmet magazine.” The expression “while away the time” is the only surviving context for a very old use of “while” as a verb meaning “to spend time.” Many people substitute “wile,” but to wile people …

What does wile away the time mean?

wile away in American English to spend or pass (time), esp. in a leisurely or pleasurable fashion. to wile away the long winter nights. See full dictionary entry for wile.

What does away time mean?

/waɪl/ to spend time in a relaxed way because you have nothing to do or you are waiting for something else to happen: We whiled away the afternoon playing cards in front of the fire.

How do you use while away?

While-away sentence example She just wanted to while away the rainy afternoon at home catching up on her favorite TV shows. The game aims to be as immersive as you let it, and it is a fun way to while away your time on Facebook.

What does a ways away mean?

a long distance
(informal) A ways means a long distance. “We can reach our destination, but it’s still a ways away.”

How do you spell Wile as in wile away the hours?

wile away in American English.

What is a long ways away?

: a great distance Their house is a long way (away) from here. She went a long way to see him. —often used figuratively in various phrases These changes will go a long way toward/towards making the system more efficient. We’ve done a lot of work already, but we have a long way to go.

Is it away or a way?

When used as an adjective, away may refer to a sporting event played on an opponent’s field. A way, two words, is a noun with its article. A way means a method in which something is done, a customary behavior, a path or route for traveling.

What is the difference between whiles and whilst?

While is used to describe time, whilst is used to describe contrast. For example: “I shivered in the bathroom while I ran a bath whilst my sister stayed in her warm bed.” That explanation sounds right to me.

Is whilst grammatically correct?

Typically, Brits use whilst and Americans use while. That’s the main difference. When used as a conjunction or an adverb, while and whilst are interchangeable: There wasn’t much Stanley could do while he waited.