What does trunc do in Delphi?

What does trunc do in Delphi?

What does trunc do in Delphi?

In Delphi code, the Trunc function truncates a real-type value to an integer-type value. X is a real-type expression. Trunc returns an Int64 value that is the value of X rounded toward zero. If the truncated value of X is not within the Int64 range, an EInvalidOp exception is raised.

What does trunc () do?

TRUNC removes the fractional part of the number. INT rounds numbers down to the nearest integer based on the value of the fractional part of the number. INT and TRUNC are different only when using negative numbers: TRUNC(-4.3) returns -4, but INT(-4.3) returns -5 because -5 is the lower number.

How do you round off in Delphi?

The Round function uses the prevailing round mode in the floating-point control word. By default, Delphi sets this to round-towards-even, also known as “banker’s rounding.” Numbers are rounded to the closest integer, and numbers that fall exactly between two integers are rounded off to an even number.

How do you Round numbers in Pascal?

Smart Pascal : Round command. The Round function rounds a floating point Number to an Integer value. The Trunc function does the same, but returns the integer in an Integer value.

How do you round numbers in Pascal?

How do you truncate a value?

So, if I had a value that would truncate to 5 (say 5.75, for example), I could simply subtract 0.5 from the value, and my new value (5.25 in the example) would round to 5. So, an easy way to truncate a positive value is to simply subtract 0.5 from it and then round it.

What is the difference between round and truncate?

To round down, the formula is =ROUNDDOWN(num,digits) . When Excel truncates, it chops off part of the entered number and performs no rounding at all. So if you input 345.679 and format the number for no decimal points, it cuts off the digits after the decimal point.

What is the return value of trunc ()? Single choice?

For example, =TRUNC(PI(),2) will return Pi value truncated to two decimal digits, which is 3.14, and =TRUNC(PI(),3) will return Pi value truncated to three decimal places, which is 3.141.

How do you use math trunc?

Description. In JavaScript, trunc() is a function that is used to return the integer portion of a number. It truncates the number and removes all fractional digits. Because the trunc() function is a static function of the Math object, it must be invoked through the placeholder object called Math.