What does SYPRO Ruby stain?

What does SYPRO Ruby stain?

What does SYPRO Ruby stain?

SYPRO Ruby Protein Gel Stain is a highly sensitive, ready-to-use fluorescent stain for the detection of total proteins separated by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE). It is ideal for use in 1D and 2D PAGE.

Can you reuse SYPRO Ruby stain?

SYPRO Ruby can be re-used only up to two times without affecting its detection sensitivity. Using a twice-used stain reduces the signal intensity up to 2.5 fold. Increasing the staining volume to 100ml is advisable to improve detection sensitivity when reusing the stain.

Can you SYPRO Ruby stain after Coomassie?

Can I post-stain my SYPRO™ Ruby protein-stained gel or blot with Coomassie™ Blue? Yes, SYPRO™ Ruby stained gels and blots can be stained with any Coomassie™ Blue dye–based stain and will yield similar results as a gel or blot stained only with Coomassie™ Blue dye.

Is SYPRO Ruby reversible?

SYPRO Ruby protein blot stain may be re-used up to four times with little loss in sensitivity. The reagent is stable for at least 6 months to one year when stored at room temperature, protected from light.

How do I use Sypro?

Use 20 times the volume of the gel for fix and wash solutions, and 10 times the volume of the gel for the staining solution. 1.1 Fix. After electrophoresis, place the gel into a clean container with 100 mL of fix solution and agitate on an orbital shaker for 30 minutes. Repeat once more with fresh fix solution.

How does Sypro Ruby work?

SYPRO Ruby protein gel stain is compatible with a variety of imaging platforms since it absorbs maximally in the ultraviolet (280 nm) and visible (470 nm) regions of the spectrum. Dye localization is achieved by noncovalent, electrostatic and hydrophobic binding to proteins, with signal being detected at 610 nm.

How do you stain a Ponceau?

Staining method

  1. Place the blot transfer membrane in a plastic box and rinse it with water three times, 5 minutes each.
  2. Stain the membrane with Ponceau S stain for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  3. Destain the membrane with several changes of water for 30 seconds to 1 minute each, then air dry.

What is silver staining used for?

Silver staining is used to stain gels. The silver stain of proteins in Agarose gels was developed in 1973 by Kerenyi and Gallyas. Later it was adapted to polyacrylamide gels used in SDS-PAGE, and also for staining DNA or RNA.

What does Sypro Ruby bind to?