What does smile mean in Safeway?

What does smile mean in Safeway?

What does smile mean in Safeway?

SEAT ADJUSTMENTS (S.M.I.L.E.) LEGS: Left foot on dead pedal, right heel on floor so foot may pivot between brake and gas pedal. Height: Steering wheel should be shoulder when they are at 10 & 2 height lower steering wheel or raise seat acccordingly.

What does safe stand for in driving?

Being a safe driver means being alert, always driving to the conditions of the road environment and being ready to take action at any time. Whether you be an experienced, older or new driver, a passenger, bike rider or pedestrian, read on for tips for keeping everyone safe on the road.

How often should you get your battery tested quizlet?

4. You should check it weekly.

When performing a lane change left what mirror do you look in first?

Before changing lanes, look into your rearview mirror for nearby vehicles and over your shoulder to check for blind spots (see the yellow area in the image above). The shaded areas are your blind spots. Watch for hazards–Look beyond the vehicle ahead of you.

What does smile mean in drivers ed?

SMILE stands for Signal, Mirror, Interior, Lights, Engine (drivers education)

How often should you have your brakes checked quizlet?

You should have your brakes checked whenever you rotate your tires (usually about every 6,000 miles), but check your owner’s manual to see what the manufacturer recommends. Pay attention to how your brakes sound and feel.

What are 5 safe driving practices?

Here are our top 10 safe driving tips and practices:

  • Keep Your Car Well-Maintained.
  • Use Your Seat Belt.
  • Keep Your Cool On The Road.
  • Practice Defensive Driving.
  • Don’t Multi-Task While Driving.
  • Don’t Drink and Drive.
  • Keep Your Distance.
  • Observe Speed Limits.

What makes someone a safe driver?

But safe drivers do the opposite. They give themselves ample time to get to their destination on time, without speeding to do so. They plan their route ahead of time to avoid having to look at directions on their phone or navigation while behind the wheel.

What is one of the drawbacks to buying a new car?

The price of a new car is typically much more expensive than if you bought the vehicle used. Be prepared to pay much more in sales tax. New vehicles are said to lose up to 20 percent of their value as soon as you drive off the lot.

What does ACE tell you to keep in your car during winter months?

What does Ace tell you to keep in your car during the winter months? Shovel and sandbags. One way to get unstuck from mud is to let a little air out of the tires.

How do you remember your mirrors when driving?

Normally, you should use the interior mirror first followed by the exterior mirrors. Before carrying out any manoeuvre always check your mirrors. This includes: moving off – check all mirrors and look over your right shoulder to check the blind spot.