What does rd5 mean?

What does rd5 mean?

What does rd5 mean?

The RD-5 district allows single-family and two-family homes up to a maximum density of five (5) dwelling units per acre. This district may include detached and attached housing types. Development is typically one (1) and two (2) stories in height with private yard areas.

What is r43 zoning in Maricopa County?

This district is intended to promote and preserve a low-density residential character and maintain open space and natural features. The principal land use is single-family dwellings and uses incidental or accessory thereto. Lot size of at least 43,560 sq. ft is required in this district.

What is M1 in real estate?

REALTORS® M1: Members First Engagement System.

What is M1 zoning in Virginia?

The intent of this district is to provide for a variety of light manufacturing, commercial office and heavy commercial uses in well-planned industrial settings. Uses are allowed which do not create noise, smoke, dust or other hazards. Uses are allowed which do not adversely affect nearby residential or business areas.

What is C4 zoning NSW?

C4 Environmental Living is a zone for land with special environmental or scenic values where residential development can be accommodated. Development in this zone is to give priority to preservation of the particular environmental qualities of the land. Much of this zone is subject to bushfire risk.

What is R7A zoning NYC?

R7A is a medium density residential zoning district in New York City. A few examples of neighborhoods with R7A zoning would be Prospect Park in Brooklyn, Jackson Heights in Queens, and Harlem & East Village in Manhattan. R7A districts have multifamily buildings often about 7 or 8 stories high.

What is rd5 zoning Sacramento County?

Residential 5 RD-5 Most widely used single-family residential zoning district where public water supply and public sewage facilities are both in use. Minimum interior lot sizes are 5,200 square feet and corner lots 6,200 square feet.

What is rd5 zoning in Sacramento CA?

Residential Zoning The RD-5 and RD-7 districts are applied to areas appropriate for detached single dwellings, duplexes in specified circumstances, and related compatible uses. The RD-5 and RD-7 zoning districts are consistent with and implement the Low Density Residential land use designation of the General Plan.

What is R 4 zoning in Maricopa County?

A. Purpose. The purpose of the multifamily residence districts is to provide for alternate living styles including rental, condominiums and single ownership of land with multiple units thereon or single or attached townhomes.

How many horses can you have per acre in Maricopa County?

Under the Maricopa County Zoning Ordinance, up to 5 horses not owned by the owner or occupant may be boarded on a Rural-zoned lot. Moreover, non-commercial public activities (no admission fee) may be conducted on a Rural-zoned lot, so long as no more than 24 persons are involved.