What does p2 tog TBL mean?

What does p2 tog TBL mean?

What does p2 tog TBL mean?

Purl two stitches through the back loop
ⓘ In knitting patterns, the abbreviations P2tog tbl stands for Purl two stitches through the back loop. K2tog tbl and P2tog tbl will appear exactly the same on the knit side of your project.

What is TBL in knitting pattern?

The modifier tbl indicates that stitches should be knitted through the back loop. For example, “p2tog tbl” indicates that two stitches should be purled together through the back loop. kwise and pwise connote “knitwise” and “purlwise”, usually referring to a slip stitch.

What does k1 tbl mean?

Twisted knit stitch
Twisted knit stitch, also known as knitting through the back loop. This is usually abbreviated ‘k1tbl’. Normally we would insert the needle through the front part of the stitch, but to make a twisted knit stitch we insert the needle through the back part of the stitch.

What TBL means?

In economics, the triple bottom line (TBL) maintains that companies should commit to focusing as much on social and environmental concerns as they do on profits. TBL theory posits that instead of one bottom line, there should be three: profit, people, and the planet.

Why do you knit through back loop?

Knitting through the back loop (indicated in knitting patterns as k tbl, knit in the back of the stitch, k1-b) is also an easy way to twist a knitting stitch, which gives a different texture to the surface of your knitting.

Is SSK the same as K2Tog TBL?

K2tog-tbl does not produce the same result as SSK: with k2tog-tbl the stitches get twisted (they don’t in the SSK). The two stitches do look different. It’s more noticeable in some fabrics than others, and as long as you’re consistent it’s not a bad substitute.

How to knit a TBL stitch?

How to Knit a TBL Stitch 1 You Can See in the Photo Above, Where the Back Side of the Loop Is. You Will Be Working Into This Side, Anytime… 2 How to K TBL:. Insert your right needle through the back side of the loop on your left needle. 3 Wrap Your Yarn As You Would a Regular Knit Stitch, Counter Clockwise.. See More….

What does p2tog tbl mean in knitting?

It probably took me 10 attempts to finally get the video for this tutorial right so it wasn’t full of curses or me splitting the yarn with my botched attempts to get it right. ⓘ In knitting patterns, the abbreviations P2tog tbl stands for Purl two stitches through the back loop.

What does P TBL or K TBL mean?

Have you ever seen a pattern with the abbreviation P TBL or K TBL? It looks like it would be difficult, but it’s SO easy! (P TBL) means to purl through the back loop & (K TBL) means to knit through back loop!

Why do knitted stitches go through the back loop?

Because only half the stitches are twisted on every other row, the fabric stays less dense than it would be if more stitches were twisted. Knit through the back loop is a lot more common than its counterpart purl through the back loop, but it’s handy to know how to do both in case you ever need them.