What does MotionFlow XR mean?

What does MotionFlow XR mean?

What does MotionFlow XR mean?

Motionflow XR combines native panel frequency with other techniques, so pictures become smoother and more natural: Frame insertion, which creates new motion-compensated frames that are inserted between the original TV frames. LED Backlight control, for controlling the panel’s LED backlighting to make images sharper.

What does MotionFlow mean on Sony TV?

Sony’s intelligent Motionflow XR technology gives your TV a smoother, more natural picture by refreshing each frame at a higher rate than normal. So, that edge-of-your-seat sports action and those full-throttle movies will look sharper than ever before thanks to reduced blur.

What is MotionFlow XR 960?

Sony gets a bit of an eyeroll for this one: “Motionflow XR 960 helps you see each end-over-end rotation [of the ball] by taking motion clarity beyond refresh rates, which are only measured in Hz, to quadruple the motion effect so you see everything as if you were there.”

What is MotionFlow xr100?

The motionflow XR feature adds Image Blur (IB) Reduction to address blur from the original TV or film camera. The resulting picture is notably sharper. Higher number means pictures appear more sharper.

What is the best Hz for watching sports?

For most television and movie watching, you’ll probably want to keep the refresh rate set to 60Hz, anyway. Just keep the benefits in mind for sports and games, and don’t feel the need to push past 120Hz.

What’s the best Hz for TV?

A 120Hz refresh rate can be beneficial for certain situations, but a higher refresh rate should not be considered a good reasons to spend more on an HDTV. For most television and movie watching, you’ll probably want to keep the refresh rate set to 60Hz, anyway.

What is normal TV refresh rate?

Most TVs refresh at 60, some midrange and higher-end models at 120. Some older 1080p LCD TVs refreshed at 240Hz. One benefit of a higher refresh rate is to reduce the motion blur inherent in all current TV technologies. Motion blur is the softening of the image when an object, or the entire screen, is in motion.

What is Motionflow XR?

What is Motionflow XR? The human eye can see a slight ‘judder’ as it perceives small differences in position between successive TV frames. This judder or movement is most noticeable when on-screen objects are moving rapidly, and there is a significant difference between the image’s position in each frame.

Is the kdl60w630b Motionflow xr480 or 120Hz?

Similary, the KDL60W630B is listed as Motionflow XR 480 in the specs but its a 120hz panel. Shaun. Hrm interesting, so it seems everything up to the w8xx series is 120hz. Then is there any visual difference between XR240 and XR480 if the Motionflow feature is turned off?

What is the refresh rate of the Sony XR 480?

Sony does not reveal the refresh rate, but states it has Motionflow XR 480 . On the other hand, Amazon lists that it is a 120Hz panel. These two are contrary to Bytehoven’s theory above.

What is the difference between 960 and 480 motion flow?

480 motion flow means 240 panel. 960 motion flow means 240 panel + backlight strobing. What is unclear to me is just how/when the switch between 5:5 frame repeating, frame interpolation and back light strobing takes place.