What does hoarse sound mean?

What does hoarse sound mean?

What does hoarse sound mean?

having a vocal tone characterized by weakness of intensity and excessive breathiness; husky: the hoarse voice of the auctioneer. having a raucous voice. making a harsh, low sound.

What causes hoarse sounds?

If you talk too long, cheer too loudly, sing too much or speak in a pitch that’s higher or lower than usual, you may experience hoarseness. Also, your vocal cords naturally get thin and limp with age. It’s perfectly common for your voice to get raspier as you get older. A cold or sinus infection.

Can drainage cause a hoarse voice?

Symptoms of Postnasal Drip Postnasal drip can also cause a hoarse voice, sore/scratchy throat, ear infection and sinus infection.

What does an ENT do for hoarseness?

Your otolaryngologist, ENT doctor, can help determine the cause of your hoarse voice easily in the office with an exam called a flexible laryngoscopy. This is an in office exam which directly visualizes your vocal cords to look for any abnormalities or lesions on the vocal cords.

What is the origin of the word hoarse?

late 14c., hors, earlier hos, from Old English has “hoarse,” from Proto-Germanic *haisa- (source also of Old Saxon hes, Old Norse hass, Dutch hees, Old High German heisi, German heiser “hoarse”), perhaps originally meaning “dried out, rough.” The unetymological -r- is difficult to explain; it is first attested c.

What is the synonym of hoarse?

rough, harsh, croaky, croaking, throaty, gruff, husky, guttural, gravelly, growly, cracked, grating, rasping, raucous. rare stridulant.

Why am I hoarse all of a sudden?

It’s not a disease, but a catch-all word that means you’ve lost your voice. If it happens suddenly, it’s called “acute” laryngitis. You can get it from a cold or overusing your voice. You can get long-term laryngitis if you breathe in something irritating, like smoke or chemical fumes.

What is the fastest way to fix a hoarse voice?

10 home remedies to recover your voice

  1. Rest your voice. Resting your voice is the single most important factor in healing laryngitis.
  2. Don’t whisper.
  3. Talk with a doctor about medication.
  4. Drink warm liquids.
  5. Gargle salt water.
  6. Suck on a lozenge.
  7. Take a hot shower.
  8. Get a humidifier.

What’s a word for a raspy voice?

gravelly, gruff, hoarse, scratchy, throaty, cracked, croaky, dry, grating, harsh, husky, thick.