What does Hibcc stand for?

What does Hibcc stand for?

What does Hibcc stand for?

The Health Industry Business Communications Council (HIBCC) is an industry-sponsored and supported non-profit council, founded in 1983 to develop a standard for data transfer using uniform bar code labeling.

What is Hin used for?

A healthcare industry number (HIN) is a unique 9-character, alpha-numeric code used to identify participants in the healthcare supply chain. The HIN was created by the wider healthcare industry to serve as a universal identifier for use during electronic communications and transactions.

What is a labeler identification code?

LIC is the Labeler Identification Code which is assigned by HIBCC. It identifies the labeler and begins with a letter, followed by 3 alphanumeric characters. PCN is the Product/Catalogue Number which is assigned by the labeler. It identifies the item/drug/device and is made of 1 to 13 alphanumeric characters.

How do you set up a hin?

A HIN starts with the letter X and followed by ten numbers, e.g. X0001234567. When you add your HIN to an OnMarket investment profile, all shares that you buy with that investment profile will be allocated directly to your nominated broking account.

How do I validate my hin?

Boatcode Agents in NSW can validate existing HINs and affix HINs to vessels. They can also provide you with an HIN Boatcode Certificate. Find a Boatcoat Agent in NSW. See Fees for current costs.

What is the difference between a Hin and SRN?

SRN stands for Securityholder Reference Number. An SRN is used to identify the owner of shares that are held by a share registry (i.e. the shares are issuer sponsored). A HIN is different to an SRN. A HIN is used to identify the owner of shares that are held/managed (i.e. sponsored) by a broker like CommSec.

How can I get Hin certificate?

How to get a HIN. People wanting to obtain or verify a HIN will need to contact a WA Department of Transport-approved agent, known a BoatCode Provider (usually marine dealerships or suppliers).

How much does a hin certificate cost?

Boatcode fees (pay to Boatcode Agents)

Type Amount
HIN verification $94 (incl GST)
New Agent Establishment Fee $1,350
HIN Plates – set of 20 $159
HIN Certificates – pad of 50 $35

Do I need a hin?

An HIN is useful because it: distinguishes one vessel from another. deters vessel theft and helps in recovering stolen vessels.