What does Epirus mean in Greek?

What does Epirus mean in Greek?

What does Epirus mean in Greek?

The name Epirus is derived from the Greek: Ἤπειρος, romanized: Ḗpeiros (Doric Greek: Ἄπειρος, romanized: Ápeiros), meaning “mainland” or terra firma. It is thought to come from an Indo-European root *apero- ‘coast’, and was applied to the mainland of north-west Greece opposite Corfu and the Ionian islands.

When did the despotate of Epirus fall?

The final despot of Epirus was Leonardo III Tocco, who ruled from 1448 to 1479, when the remnants of the despotate were conquered by the Ottoman Empire….

Despot of Epirus
Last monarch Leonardo III Tocco (ruling) Antonio Tocco (titular)
Formation 1205
Abolition 1479 (fall of the Despotate) 1642 (last use of title)

Was Epirus a Macedonian?

Epirus (/ɪˈpaɪrəs/; Epirote Greek: Ἄπειρος, Ápeiros; Attic Greek: Ἤπειρος, Ḗpeiros) was an ancient Greek kingdom, and later republic, located in the geographical region of Epirus, in north-western Greece and southern Albania….Epirus (ancient state)

Preceded by Succeeded by
Molossians Thesprotians Chaonians Macedonia (Roman province)

Who would be the current Byzantine emperor?

Constantine XI Palaiologos, the last Byzantine emperor, died defending Constantinople from the Ottomans on 29 May 1453. Andreas had been born just four months earlier, on 17 January 1453, as the oldest son of Thomas Palaiologos and Catherine Zaccaria.

Is Epirus Albanian or Greek?

The Pindus Mountains separate Epirus from the Greek regions of Macedonia (Makedonía) and Thessaly (Thessalía) to the east. The principal town in Greek Epirus is Ioánnina, and the largest settlement in Albanian Epirus is Gjirokastër. Vikos Gorge in the Pindus Mountains, Ioánnina, in the Epirus region of Greece.

Is Epirus part of Albania?

Northern Epirus (Greek: Βόρειος Ήπειρος, Vórios Ípiros; Albanian: Epiri i Veriut; Aromanian: Epiru di Nsusu) is a term used to refer to those parts of the historical region of Epirus, in the western Balkans, which today are part of Albania.