What does asiento mean?

What does asiento mean?

What does asiento mean?

Definition of asiento : a contract or convention between Spain and another power or company or individual for furnishing slaves for the Spanish dominions in America.

What is asiento system?

The asiento was a contract granted by the Spanish crown to an individual or company allowing the holder exclusive rights in the slave trade with Spain’s American colonies; it constituted the principal legal means of supplying slaves to Spanish America.

What was the asiento agreement?

asiento de negros, between the early 16th and the mid-18th century, an agreement between the Spanish crown and a private person or another sovereign power by which the latter was granted a monopoly in supplying African slaves for the Spanish colonies in the Americas.

Which word is a synonym of asiento?

(place to sit)-seat. Synonyms for asiento. la banca. bench. el banco.

Why was the asiento system?

African slaves were considered merchandise, and their import regulated by the crown. Spain had neither direct access to the African sources of slaves nor the ability to transport them, so the asiento system was a way to ensure a legal supply of Africans to the New World, which brought revenue to the Spanish crown.

When was the asiento signed?

Cover of the English translation of the Asiento contract signed by Britain and Spain in 1713 as part of the Utrecht treaty that ended the War of Spanish Succession. The contract granted exclusive rights to Britain to sell slaves in the Spanish Indies.

What was the asiento in Britain?

The asiento became a conduit for British contraband and smugglers of all kinds, which undermined Spain’s attempts to keep a protectionist trading system with its American colonies. Disputes connected with it led to the War of Jenkins’ Ear (1739).

Why was the asiento system created?

What is Fila English?

Noun. fila f (plural filas) line, row, rank, file.

What is the meaning of Audiencia?

Definition of audiencia 1a : a tribunal in which the sovereign of Spain gave personal attention to matters of justice. b : an ecclesiastical or secular court representing the sovereign of Spain.