What does 55R17 mean on a tire?

What does 55R17 mean on a tire?

What does 55R17 mean on a tire?

This number means that your tire has an aspect ratio of 55%. In other words, your tire’s sidewall height (from the edge of the rim to the tire’s tread) is 55% of the width. In this case, the sidewall height is 0 millimeters.

Are all season tires good for snow?

Many all-season tires do great in the rain and bare pavement year-round. While a set of all-season tires can offer some traction in light snow and the occasional winter storm, they’re not designed for deep snow, ice, and cold weather (when temperatures stay below ~45º F).

What is the correct tire pressure for 215 55R17?

Tire Pressures

Tire Size Normal Load
Front Rear
215/55R17 98XL V 38 psi (2.6 bar) 35 psi (2.4 bar)
215/55R17 98XL W 36 psi (2.5 bar) 35 psi (2.4 bar)
235/45R18 98XL W 36 psi (2.5 bar) 32 psi (2.2 bar)

What does 94v mean on a tire?

A 94 will support 1,477 pounds. V is a speed rating, or the maximum speed tires are designed to be driven for extended periods. Any V-rated tire will perform well while traveling at 149 miles per hour for an extended time — certainly fast enough for this writer.

What does the V stand for in tyre size?

Speed ratings
V – Speed ratings are represented by letters ranging from A to Z. Each letter coincides to the maximum speed a tire can sustain under its recommended load capacity. For instance, V is equivalent to a maximum speed of 149 mph.

What do snow tires cost?

Winter/Snow Tires Cost Estimates Costs vary by brand, but, without discounts, you can expect car snow tires to run about $150 each and SUV/truck snow tires to go for about $200 each. For a car, that’s $600 for a full set; $750 if you decide to get a spare.

What is V rated tire?

SPEED RATING V Once the highest speed rating a tire could have, “V” used to represent a maximum of 149 mph (240 kph) or more. Nowadays, it means 149 mph but no higher.

What is the 94V rating on tires?

94V: 94 is a measurement of the tire’s load index, or how much weight each tire can support. This number is not required by law to appear on all tires (it is included elsewhere on your tire sidewall). A 94 will support 1,477 pounds.