What do Slovakians eat for Christmas?

What do Slovakians eat for Christmas?

What do Slovakians eat for Christmas?

The Christmas supper varies between regions and families. In general, it has lots of courses including a fish dish, a potato salad (with mayonnaise, pickles and carrots) and a sauerkraut soup – kapustnica, with sausage, meat, dried mushrooms and cream.

What is the traditional Slovak Christmas Eve dinner?

Slovak cooks are busy on Christmas Eve, Albina Senko says. Sauerkraut-mushroom or pea soup, bobalky (sweet dough dumplings) and a variety of fish are a must, as well as meatless pirohy, to maintain the fast observed by the faithful during Advent, which begins the fourth Sunday before Christmas.

How do Serbians celebrate Christmas?

A Serbian man cuts branches from an oak tree for Orthodox Christmas celebrations. In many parts of the Balkans, the tradition involves the male head of the household chopping branches off an oak tree and bringing them home on the morning of Christmas Eve.

How Slovenia celebrate Christmas?

Christmas in Slovenia is a lovely holiday spent with family and friends. Usually on Christmas Eve the family gathers for the Christmas dinner, and people of faith go to the midnight mass. The following morning comes the Christmas breakfast and the opening of presents.

What are Slovak Christmas traditions?

Slovak Christmas Trees are decorated with colored lights, fruits, hand-made decorations made of wood, baked goods made with honey in the form of Angels and other religious symbols and sweets. Christmas Trees are kept until January 6th, the Feast of the Three Kings (Epiphany).

How do Slovakians celebrate Christmas?

Slovakians celebrate Christmas Eve, which they call Generous Evening, by decorating the Christmas tree and sitting down to a Christmas Eve feast. An extra place is set at the table as a symbol of welcome to those who have nobody to share Christmas with.

What do Serbians eat on Christmas Eve?

The Christmas Eve meal generally includes a soup course. It might be čorba od patlidžana (tomato soup), fish soup, or meatless pasulj (bean soup). But it’s nearly always sopped up with Lenten or fasting pogacha bread.

What do they eat for Christmas in Serbia?

The meal is lavish with pecenica (roast pork), meat sarma (stuffed cabbage), baked ham, sausage, roast potatoes, parslied potatoes, and desserts galore—nutroll, cheese strudel, apple strudel, drum torte—fresh and dried fruits and, of course, slivovitz and strong, dark Turkish coffee.

What is Christmas called in Slovenia?

Slavic people from the south named him Božič, which is the Slovenian word for Christmas. Years later, once Slavs converted to Christianity – this holiday was turned into the celebration of Christ.

What are Slovenian traditions?

Slovenians are predominantly Roman Catholic and the tradition of christening children is still upheld. At the christening, the child is given a saint’s name chosen by his parents or the godparent. Each saint has a dedicated date in the calendar, and on this date, the individual celebrates his/her Name Day.

What is Santa called in Slovakia?

Svätý Mikuláš
In Slovakia he is known as Svätý Mikuláš. He comes on the evening of the 5th December and gives presents to good children. Young children place their shoes near the door so Svätý Mikuláš can fill them with sweets and fruit. During Advent there are lots of preparations to be made for Christmas.