What did the Alouette 1 satellite do?

What did the Alouette 1 satellite do?

What did the Alouette 1 satellite do?

Launched on September 29, 1962 , the Alouette-I scientific satellite marked Canada’s entry into the space age and was seen by many as initiating the most progressive space program of that era.

Is the Alouette 1 still in space?

After Alouette 1 was launched, the upper stage of the rocket used to launch the satellite became a derelict object that would continue to orbit Earth for many years. As of 2022, the upper stage remains in orbit. The satellite itself became a derelict, remaining in Earth orbit As of 2022.

What was unique about Alouette 1?

Alouette was built to “sweep” the ionosphere with more than 700 different radio frequencies. Alouette’s best-known feature was its pair of dipole antennas, 23 and 45 metres long, that were the largest antennas deployed in space up to that time.

How did Alouette 1 work?

When triggered, the rotation of the satellite created enough centrifugal force to pull the disk away from the spacecraft body, and the shaping of the metal caused it to unwind into a long spiral. The result was a stiff circular cross-section antenna known as a “stem” for “storable tubular extendible member”.

Has Canada ever launched a satellite?

November 9, 1972. The Anik A1 communications satellite is launched. Canada is the first country with a domestic communications satellite in geostationary orbit.

When did Alouette 1 launch?

September 29, 1962Alouette 1 / Launch date
4.1 Alouette 1 (launched September 29, 1962) The primary purpose of the Alouette 1 mission was to investigate the geographic and diurnal properties of the topside ionosphere at altitudes up to 1000 km.

How many Canadian satellites are in space?

37 active
Canadian satellites. There are 37 active satellites that have Canada listed as the country operator/owner.

How much did the Alouette 1 cost?

3 million USD (2014)Alouette 1 / Cost

How much did the Alouette satellite cost?

Does Canada have spy satellites?

Sapphire is a Canadian space surveillance satellite which was launched in 2013.

Who made Alouette satellite?

Satellite technology was still in its infancy when the design of Alouette 1 was initiated by the Canadian Topside Sounder Group at DRTE, Ottawa.

What is the Canadian arm?

The Canadarm was a remote-controlled mechanical arm, also known as the Shuttle Remote Manipulator System (SRMS). During its 30-year career with NASA’s Space Shuttle Program, the robotic arm deployed, captured and repaired satellites, positioned astronauts, maintained equipment, and moved cargo.