What did Kool Smiles change their name to?

What did Kool Smiles change their name to?

What did Kool Smiles change their name to?

Sunnybrook Dentistry
In Mississippi and Arkansas, Kool Smiles Dental has changed its brand name to Sunnybrook Dentistry.

How can I make my dentist fun?

5 Ways to Make Going to the Dentist Fun!

  1. Get Them Used to a Brush or Wash Cloth Touching Their Teeth.
  2. Take Them to the Dentist Early.
  3. Make the Car Ride, Waiting Room, and Drive Home Fun.
  4. Talk About their Teeth and the Dentist.
  5. Stay Positive.

Who owns Kool Smiles?

Dr. Tu Tran
Its headquarters are in the Kool Smiles Patient Support Center in Marietta, Georgia, U.S., in Greater Atlanta and has over 100 offices located across sixteen states….Kool Smiles.

Type Private
Number of locations 100+
Area served United States
Services Dentistry
Owner Dr. Tu Tran

How do dentists make kids fun?

7 Ways to Make Going to the Dentist Fun for Kids

  1. Take a Tour.
  2. Play “Dentist” at Home.
  3. Give Them Some Control.
  4. Bring a Distraction.
  5. Make the Trip to the Office Fun.
  6. Let Them Dress Up.
  7. Create a Dental Report Card.
  8. Common Mistakes to Avoid.

How do I get my child excited about the dentist?

8 Ways to Get Your Child Excited About the Dentist

  1. “Getting my child to make her bed is like pulling teeth.”
  2. Visit a kid-approved dentist.
  3. Start at home.
  4. Practice what you preach.
  5. Listen to their fears.
  6. Let them in on the small decisions.
  7. Tell them in advance about the upcoming visit.
  8. Use positive words.

How many employees does Benevis have?

500 employees
Benevis is a medium health care company with 500 employees and an annual revenue of $151.7M that is headquartered in Marietta, GA. To improve access to dentistry by providing the highest quality non-clinical practice services to some of the nation’s leading dental practices.

Who is the CEO of Aspen Dental?

Bob Fontana (1997–)Aspen Dental / CEO

How do I make my child less scary at the dentist?

If your child has an appointment soon, here are 7 gentle tips on how to ease their fear of going to the dentist.

  1. Drop by Before Their Appointment.
  2. Don’t Use Negative Language.
  3. Practice at Home.
  4. Don’t Complicate Things.
  5. Bring Them to Your Appointments.
  6. Don’t Make Promises of Rewards.
  7. Remember to Be Patient and Understanding.

Who owns Benevis?

New Mountain Capital
Lincoln International is pleased to announce that LT Smile Corporation (Benevis) was acquired on October 6, 2020 under Section 363 of the United States Bankruptcy Code by certain credit investment funds managed by and affiliated with New Mountain Capital, LLC.