What did KG say to Melo?

What did KG say to Melo?

What did KG say to Melo?

One of his most infamous bits of trash talk was an alleged comment he made in 2013 toward Carmelo Anthony about then-wife La La Anthony. During a game between Garnett’s Boston Celtics and Anthony’s New York Knicks, KG allegedly told Melo that La La tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios during an altercation.

What did Kevin Garnett say to Carmelo Anthony about his wife?

Kevin Garnett is setting the record straight regarding one of the most infamous, rumored chirps in NBA history. In an interview with GQ, Garnett says that he never told Carmelo Anthony that his ex-wife, La La Anthony, “tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios.”

Did La La date Kevin Garnett?

Kevin Garnett tried debunking an eight-year-long rumor that he called Carmelo Anthony’s wife La La, “Honey Nut Cheerios.” “I’ve never said anything about anyone’s family,” Garnett told GQ of the 2003 on-court incident when the then-Celtics star was in a physical battle with then-Knicks forward Anthony at MSG.

Did Kevin Garnett say Happy Mothers Day to Tim Duncan?

He allegedly insulted Tim Duncan on Mother’s Day. Here it is: The Timberwolves faced the Spurs at the Alamodome for a first round playoff game on May 9, 1999. At some point during that game, Garnett told Duncan “Happy Mother’s Day, M***********” as the Spurs legend lined up for a free throw.

Did Kevin Garnett hook up with Carmelo Anthony’s wife?

The infamous Honey Nut Cheerios beef between Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett was allegedly nothing more than a rumor. Appearing on Tuesday’s episode of The Breakfast Club, former Boston Celtics swingman Paul Pierce said Garnett never told Anthony that his then-wife, La La, tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios.

Is La La and Carmelo friends?

She is working to make sure that he knows that no matter what may happen with her and Carmelo, they will always be a family—and friends. “When you’ve been with somebody for so long and we started as best friends, I love that we still have that friendship,” she said. “We’re raising a kid together.

Did Tim Duncan hate Kevin Garnett?

According to a recent Sports Illustrated article, Tim Duncan has no love for “The Big Ticket.” The article states that Duncan hates how Kevin Garnett has made a career of trying to punk Duncan—baiting him, slapping him and whispering really weird smack into his ear.

Are Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett friends?

Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett embodied what it means to be a true professional and an ultimate NBA royalty as their careers intertwined with each other throughout the almost two decades they both spent in the NBA. Garnett had tremendous respect for Duncan, which he outlined in his new book.

Why did Carmelo and La La split up?

When La La filed, she cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their separation, but cheating rumors had been circulating around the couple for years. In 2019, Carmelo was accused of being unfaithful when he was seen hanging out on a yacht with another woman on La La’s birthday.