What colour is Benjamin Moore Thunder?

What colour is Benjamin Moore Thunder?

What colour is Benjamin Moore Thunder?

Thunder by Benjamin Moore is a mid-toned greige paint color. It doesn’t have any overwhelming undertones coming through. There is however a slight purple undertone that can be seen in certain lighting situations. Thunder is a part of the Affinity Color Collection.

Is Benjamin Moore Thunder a greige?

Benjamin Moore doesn’t describe Thunder as gray or greige. However, it is very similar to Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, which the brand describes as light gray. Some people might be disappointed to discover that it looks more greige in some color schemes and certain lighting situations.

What does the color Thunder look like?

Thunder belongs to the yellow hue family over near the yellow-red hue family, as you can see on The Color Strategist Color Wheel above. Colors from this Y to YR hue family neighborhood notoriously shift purple in certain qualities of light. Some people describe it as lavender, some call it a pale plum-brown.

What color Is Thunder gray?

The hexadecimal color code #57534c is a medium dark shade of brown. In the RGB color model #57534c is comprised of 34.12% red, 32.55% green and 29.8% blue.

What does AF mean in Benjamin Moore paint?

A fail-safe way to choose colors that work flawlessly with one another, Affinity® offers a palette of gorgeous colors that simplifies color selection. No matter what color you choose in the 144-color Affinity collection, any other Affinity color will work well with it.

Is BM storm warm or cool?

Benjamin Moore Storm AF-700 As its name suggests, Storm is a medium-depth gray paint colour with a gorgeous, rich, stormy look to it. And because EVERY gray paint colour has undertones, you can expect to see a cool purple undertone in Storm.

Is Affinity paint neutral?

One of the benefits of the Affinity colours is, it has a versatile collection of neutrals. The selection ranges from pure beiges to pure grays and all types of greiges in between!

What undertones does Benjamin Moore Storm have?

Storm is sneaky with its undertones as on first glance, it looks like a pretty straight-up gray, however, once applied, you’ll notice a kind of storm cloud purple (purple-blue) undertone (hence the name) so be wary if that’s not the look you’re going for!

What is a shade lighter than Sherwin Williams peppercorn?

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn vs Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal. Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore is another lovely dark gray color. Compared to Peppercorn, it’s slightly warmer (there’s a tiny hint of brown to it) and slightly lighter (with an LRV of 12.96).

Is SW peppercorn warm or cool?

Peppercorn is a very dark transitional warm gray. Because it’s transition with about a 50-50 balance of warm and cool undertones, it will compliment other colors in a space beautifully. This is another reason why Peppercorn has been one of Sherwin Williams most popular paint colors.