What celebrities went to Bell High School?

What celebrities went to Bell High School?

What celebrities went to Bell High School?

Notable alumni

  • Tom Araya, singer/Bassist, Slayer.
  • B-Real, rapper, Cypress Hill.
  • Marvin Benard, athlete, MLB.
  • Tony Campos, bassist, “Static-X”
  • John Ferraro , U.S. politician.
  • George Gascón, U.S. politician, prosecutor, policeman.
  • Mike Henry, NFL Linebacker, Actor (M*A*S*H)
  • Anwar Jibawi, Actor/YouTuber.

What division is Bell High School?

Final California MaxPreps Top 25 – Mitch Stephens Monarchs capture third CIF Open Division championship since 2017 en route to No. 1 ranking in Golden State.

How do you pass senior high school?

How to Survive Senior High School Life

  1. Be decisive and self-aware. Your first major decision before becoming an SHS student is which track to choose.
  2. Know that you cannot have and beat everything.
  3. Take notes and organize everything.
  4. Be reminded of your priorities.
  5. Resting is okay and asking for help is okay too.

When was Bell High School built?

October 23, 1925Bell High School / Founded

When was Bell High School made?

What time does Bellflower High school start?

7am – 9am
Time: 7am – 9am and 2pm – 4pm.

How can I get A’s in high school?

10 Steps to Help You Get Straight A’s

  1. STEP 1: Take the right subjects …and school will be a lot easier!
  2. STEP 2: Work with your teacher …
  3. STEP 3: Never miss a class …it will always catch up with you!
  4. STEP 4: Always sit up front …
  5. STEP 5: Complete your homework before class …so you will be prepared in class!

How many students are at Bell High School?

approximately 2,650 students
Bell HS is now on a traditional calendar as a comprehensive high school (grades 9-12) serving approximately 2,650 students in grades 9-12 from the cities of Bell, Maywood, Cudahy & portions of Huntington Park.