What causes BCR-ABL translocation?

What causes BCR-ABL translocation?

What causes BCR-ABL translocation?

The BCR-ABL mutation happens when pieces of BCR and ABL genes break off and switch places. The piece of chromosome 9 that breaks off includes part of the ABL gene. When this piece moves over to chromosome 22, part of the ABL gene attaches to the BCR gene.

Is BCR-ABL a balanced translocation?

Although BCR-ABL fusion gene can be detected in all CML patients at the molecular level; it is not limited to CML. This balanced translocation may also be seen in other malignancies such as acute lymphoblastic leukemia and occasionally in newly diagnosed acute myeloid leukemia (AML) (6-9).

Is BCR-ABL produced because of a translocation mutation?

Leukemias that are caused by a mutation called Philadelphia chromosome are CML and Philadelphia chromosome-positive ALL. The mutation is a translocation, identified as, t(9;22)(q34;q11). This abnormal chromosome contains a fusion gene, consisting of the ABL gene and the BCR gene, producing the BCR-ABL oncogene.

Which translocation is associated with CML?

CML is characterized by the translocation t(9;22)(q34;q11. 2) called Philadelphia (Ph) chromosome. This translocation transfers Abelson murine leukemia oncogene (ABL1) on chromosome 9q34 to breakpoint cluster region (BCR) on chromosome 22q11 leading to BCR/ABL1 gene fusion.

What is PH positive ALL?

About 25 percent of adults have an ALL subtype called “Ph-positive ALL” (also known as either “Ph+” or “Philadelphia chromosome-positive ALL”). In Ph+ ALL the Philadelphia chromosome contains the abnormal BCR-ABL fusion gene that makes an abnormal protein that helps leukemia cells to grow.

What causes genetic translocation?

A translocation occurs when a piece of one chromosome breaks off and attaches to another chromosome. This type of rearrangement is described as balanced if no genetic material is gained or lost in the cell. If there is a gain or loss of genetic material, the translocation is described as unbalanced . Deletions.

What is PH positive CML?

‘ Ph+ CML is a kind of leukemia or cancer of the blood. It causes white blood cells to behave differently. When you have Ph+ CML, an abnormal protein in the bone marrow called BCR-ABL triggers the production of too many immature or damaged white blood cells to be produced.

What does ph mean in leukemia?