What car do Williams F1 use?

What car do Williams F1 use?

What car do Williams F1 use?

This year each constructor will use a power unit from either Mercedes, Renault, Red Bull, or Ferrari, with Williams being one of four teams utilising Mercedes power.

Is Williams F1 Renault?

The Williams FW18, also known as the Williams-Renault FW18, is one of the most successful Formula One car designs of all time. It was designed by Adrian Newey and Patrick Head for the Williams F1 team for the 1996 Formula One season….Williams FW18.

Technical specifications
Drivers’ Championships 1 (1996 – Damon Hill)

What was the best Williams F1 car?

The seven best Williams F1 cars

  • FW07. It would be impossible to start this list without the car that took Williams Grand Prix Engineering’s first ever F1 championship.
  • FW11. Williams won another F1 championship in 1983, but it was a slightly fortuitous one.
  • FW14B.
  • FW15.
  • FW18.
  • FW25.
  • FW36.

What engine does Williams use 2021?

Complete Formula One results

Year Entrant Power unit
2020 Williams Racing Mercedes-AMG F1 M11 EQ Performance 1.6 V6 t
2021 Williams Racing Mercedes-AMG F1 M12 E Performance 1.6 V6 t

Who makes Williams F1 engine?

Mercedes F1
Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited, currently racing in Formula One as Williams Racing, is a British Formula One motor racing team and constructor….Williams Grand Prix Engineering.

2022 Formula One World Championship
Test drivers 89. Jack Aitken Roy Nissany
Chassis FW44
Engine Mercedes F1 M13 E Performance
Tyres Pirelli

Who drove for Williams in 1996?

for the 1996 Formula One season. The car was designed by Patrick Head and Adrian Newey, and was driven by Damon Hill and rookie Jacques Villeneuve.

Who drove for Williams f1?

Williams Grand Prix Engineering

Website www.williamsf1.com
2022 Formula One World Championship
Race drivers 6. Nicholas Latifi 23. Alexander Albon
Test drivers 89. Jack Aitken Roy Nissany
Chassis FW44

Who owns Williams now?

Dorilton Capital
In August 2020 the Williams family sold its majority stake to the US investment firm Dorilton Capital following years of decline, finishing at the bottom of the constructors’ championship in three consecutive seasons from 2018 to 2020.

Who owns Aston Martin F1?

owner Lawrence Stroll
Aston Martin Formula 1 team owner Lawrence Stroll didn’t have a lot to smile about after a frustrating weekend for the Silverstone outfit in Bahrain.