What can I say instead of same here?

What can I say instead of same here?

What can I say instead of same here?

Synonyms of ‘same here’ in British English

  • me too.
  • so do I.
  • me neither.

What does Same here mean?

Definition of same here informal. —used to say that one thinks, feels, or wants the same thing as someone else “I’m tired.” “Same here.””I’ll have a coffee.” “Same here, please.”

Is Same here rude?

Very occasionally you see the phrase same here shortened to “Same!” or “Samesies!”, but these uses are very informal and slang. Both you, too and same here are informal in tone and should not be used in formal contexts.

How do you say same here politely?

What is another word for same here?

me too likewise
seconded that applies to me as well
that applies to me as too me as well
same to you agreed
the same to you back at you

How do you say ditto professionally?

  1. alike,
  2. also,
  3. correspondingly,
  4. likewise,
  5. similarly,
  6. so.

How do you reply to the same here?

The correct response would be, “Thank you!…

  1. “Ditto.”
  2. “Acknowledged!”
  3. “Likewise!”

How do you respond to you too?

“You too” is perfectly fine also and said frequently. You could say “Likewise, that was fun”. “You too” is perfectly fine also and said frequently.

What is bastante?

British English: plenty /ˈplɛntɪ/ NOUN. If there is plenty of something, there is a lot of it. Don’t worry.

What to say in reply of what’s up?

Some good replies might be:

  • “Having a great day!
  • “Hey, just working and looking forward to hanging out sometime.” This works as well because it’s short, sweet, and takes it to another level.
  • You could also say something positive that people always respond to, like, “Great to hear from you!

How do you wish someone back?

Depends on the context, but if it’s an informal discussion, you can say,

  1. “Same to you.”
  2. “You too.”
  3. “Right back at you.”
  4. “I feel the same.”
  5. “The feeling is mutual.”
  6. “Happy [whatever] to you too.”
  7. “Thanks, and same to you.”
  8. “I wish the best to you too.”

Is it rude to say same here?

It means that whatever you said, is the same thing for that person as well. For example, if someone says, “The heat is driving me crazy!” and the other replies, “Same here.”; that means that the heat is driving him/her crazy as well….

  1. “Ditto.”
  2. “Acknowledged!”
  3. “Likewise!”

Does SMH mean same here?

SMH stands for “shaking my head.”

What pues mean?

Pues as a Conjunction Pues in Spanish has dozens of meanings, but as a conjunction it usually works the same as “for,” “then,” “since,” “because,” or “well.” It is used to express cause, motive, or reason. It can also show sequential value, a question, or to emphasize the phrase.

What does esta bien mean?

It’s okay
Translation results It’s okay. It’s okay. Millions translate with DeepL every day.