What brand of guitar does Joe Satriani play?

What brand of guitar does Joe Satriani play?

What brand of guitar does Joe Satriani play?

It features the ever stapled Edge tremolo on chrome hardware, and as for the fingerboard, it has 24 instead of the standard 22 frets….Ibanez JS25ART Signature.

Finish Custom “ART” Paintings by Satriani
Years Used 2015 to Present

Did Kirk Hammett learn guitar from Joe Satriani?

One of the more interesting footnotes of metal history is that Metallica’s Kirk Hammett received guitar lessons from shred virtuoso Joe Satriani in the ’80s. In a new interview, “Satch” recalled what type of student Hammett was and that the last lesson he gave the thrash icon came in early 1988.

What is Joe Satriani’s favorite guitar?

Ibanez JS1
Joe Satriani’s main squeeze is his signature guitar, the Ibanez JS1 ‘Chrome Boy’, which helps him heal after a dose of buyer’s remorse… And yet, he’s like the rest of us – there have been so many guitars in his life that he has loved, tried to love, and just plain wished he had never sold.

What model of Ibanez does Joe Satriani use?

Question: Which JS model does Joe Satriani actually play? Joe has always played his own JS range of guitars, both live and in-studio. His choices have changed over the years as his range has changed. Currently he seems to prefer the Orange JS2410 and the Purple JS2450 models.

Are Joe Satriani and Steve Vai friends?

Satriani was Vai’s first guitar teacher and, as he confirms in the interview below, musical as well as personal mentor during their teen years. Satch and Steve remain close friends, and continue to hang out together whenever their schedules allow it.

What is Steve Vai’s favorite guitar?

1977 Fender Stratocaster “I put more notes on this guitar than any other that I own. I used this as my one and only main guitar all through high school, Berklee College, Frank Zappa days and into Alcatrazz.