What armor can Cicero wear?

What armor can Cicero wear?

What armor can Cicero wear?

Cicero’s Armor Set

Cicero’s Clothes Improved One-Handed and prices by 20%
Cicero’s Gloves 2x One-Handed sneak attack damage
Cicero’s Boots Muffle
Cicero’s Hat Sneak+35%

Can Cicero wear heavy armor?

There is a set of Jester’s Clothing that can be found elsewhere in Skyrim, but Cicero’s outfit is something special. Though it is classified as Clothing, and thus carries no Armor Rating, the enchantments on this red outfit make it a powerful set for just about any weapon-swinging adventurer.

Can Cicero be a blade?

Cicero and Serana are the only followers that can’t become Blades. It is possible to begin this quest without killing Paarthurnax by talking to Delphine after the completion of Alduin’s Wall.

What race is Cicero Skyrim?

Cicero is a Dark Brotherhood member who holds the position of Keeper, the person who cares for the Night Mother’s corpse. He dresses like a jester and is first seen transporting the Night Mother’s coffin to the Falkreath Sanctuary….

Race Imperial
Gender Male
Level 1x player level (15-50)
Class Assassin

Can Cicero dual wield Skyrim?

Cicero is an adept assassin so it should come as no surprise that he has a high one-handed skill. However, some players may not realize just how powerful he is with a dagger. This jester-themed assassin has the highest possible one-handed skill in the game which makes him an extremely powerful dual wielder.

Will Cicero dual wield?

Is it worth it to let Cicero live?

If you let him live there’s a follower with some fairly decently funny things to say from time to time. He’s nuts, like outright crazy, and I happen to enjoy that. If he lives you do have a great conversation with him outside the Dawnstar Sanctuary that’s well worth it’s crazy in gold.

Can serana join Blades?

All permanent followers are eligible to join the Blades except Serana and those from the Dark Brotherhood.

Why is Cicero a jester?

Voted Keeper of the Night Mother by the remaining Brotherhood members, Cicero fulfilled one last contract before starting his new duties; he was scheduled to kill a jester, with whom he slowly became obsessed. His attire and flamboyant manner mimic this jester.

Why is Cicero so crazy?

His final contract involved killing a jester, and slowly, while most of his fellow assassins were being killed in Cyrodiil, Cicero descended into madness, obsessing over the jester, and adopting aspects of the jester’s persona.