What are the specs on a 763 Bobcat?

What are the specs on a 763 Bobcat?

What are the specs on a 763 Bobcat?


Height – Top of Cab 6.5 ft (2 m)
Hinge pin height, maximum height 114.6 in (291 cm)
Length with Bucket 10.9 ft (3 m)
Wheelbase 3.4 ft (1 m)
Width Over Tires 5.5 ft (2 m)

How much does a 1999 Bobcat 763 weight?

It has a four cylinder and weighes 5400 pounds. The 763 is shown left with a general bucket.

Is a Bobcat 763 a good machine?

Of its vintage, it’s the best machine bobcat built at the time. It will handle say 1800# pretty easy. Rear door weight, and axle weight will help. Also if needed poly filled tires help it lift more.

What years did they make Bobcat 763?

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Is Bobcat 763 high flow?

The 763 has a standard 57 liters per minute (15 gpm) hydraulic pump for improved attachment performance. The loader also can be equipped with a factory-installed, high-flow option package to run attachments that require auxiliary hydraulics flow, including the Bobcat planer, wheel saw and trencher.

How much will a 763 Bobcat lift?

The long wheelbase provides a smooth, comfortable ride and helps give this rugged loader 1,500 pounds of rated operating capacity. As with any Bobcat loader, you get a wide choice of quick- mounting Bobcat attachments for your 763.

Does a 763 Bobcat have high flow?

Does a Bobcat 763 have high flow?

What is lifting capacity of Bobcat 763?

1500 lbs. (680 kg) [1600 lbs. (706 kg) with optional counterweight] 3000 lbs. (1361 kg) 15.0 GPM (57 lpm) standard flow 25 GPM (95 Ipm) high flow MORE HIGH FLOW POWER!

Does a Bobcat 753 have high flow?

Even more powerful attachments may be used if you have a Bobcat 753 loader equipped with the optional high flow.

How much weight can a 763 Bobcat lift?

When was the Bobcat 763 made?

What engine is in a 763 Bobcat?

Kubota V2203E Rebuilt Engine Tier2 – Bobcat 763 Skid Loader.

What years did Bobcat make the 763?

The Bobcat 763 skid-steer loader was first manufactured in 1994, in the C series. Subsequent F-series and HF or G-series were manufactured in 1997. The 763 models were all liquid cooled allowing for the handling of large loads and good breakout force for excavating.

What is G Series Bobcat?

The new Bobcat G-series skid steer loader cab design was developed from global operator input. Since the first G-series roll-out in the fall of 1999, operators have confirmed that the G-series does indeed offer a more comfortable, operator-friendly cab. Cab Features Make. Difference on the Job Site.

What motor is in a 763 Bobcat?

763 Series Specs The 763C is powered by a 46-horsepower diesel engine. It is capable of lifting 1,500 pounds to a height of 114.5 inches. The 763C measures approximately 130 inches in length, with the bucket — as do the F- and G-series models.

How much can a Bobcat lift with forks?

Powerful, vertical-path lift arms deliver straight-up strength — an impressive 2,500-pound rated operating capacity. With that kind of muscle, you can easily handle big loads. And the S250’s reach of 34 inches and lift height of 10.5 feet make loading trucks fast and effortless. You get extra hydraulic power, too.