What are the names of the areas of a golf course?

What are the names of the areas of a golf course?

What are the names of the areas of a golf course?

To play with the right club, you have to have a better understanding of the hole you are playing, especially its parts. Each hole in a course has 5 major parts namely Tee, Fairway, Green, Rough and Hazards. Understanding these parts allow you to plan your shots right.

What are the 5 different areas of a golf course?

The five defined areas that make up the course:

  • The general area,
  • The teeing area the player must play from in starting the hole he or she is playing,
  • All penalty areas,
  • All bunkers, and.
  • The putting green of the hole the player is playing.

What is the average area of a golf course?

150 acres
At the individual level, an average 18-hole golf course covers 150 acres, approximately 100 (67 percent) of which is maintained turfgrass. This area is predominantly comprised of rough (51 acres) and fairways (30 acres).

What is the starting area for each golf hole called?

If you have finished playing all 18 holes you have played a round of golf. Each hole has a starting place, called a tee. This is a small area from which the golfer takes the first stroke or drive. The grass between the tee and the green is called the fairway.

What is the area around the green called?

Apron The grass surface on the perimeter of the green that separates it from the surrounding fairway or rough. Also known as the fringe.

What is a native area in golf?

They have taken areas where golfers should not normally hit a ball and have cut back on the maintenance to create natural habitats.

What does general area mean in golf?

Most of your shots during a round will be made from the fairway or rough, which are part of an area of the golf course called the “general area.” This area includes everywhere on the course except bunkers, penalty areas, and the teeing area and putting green of the hole you are playing.

How many acres is Augusta golf course?

Since 1934, once a year in the spring, eyes around the world focus on a 345-acre plot of grass, trees and greenery in Augusta, Georgia.

What is the area around the hole in golf?

Fairway. One of the most basic golf terms, it is the stretch of land between the tee box and the putting green. Putting green. The land around each hole distinguished from the fairway by the low-cut grass.

What is a golf place called?

A golf course is the grounds where the sport of golf is played.

What is the edge of a golf hole called?

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