What are the metal things called that hold up shelves?

What are the metal things called that hold up shelves?

What are the metal things called that hold up shelves?

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What do you call the thing that supports a shelf?

Types of shelf supports: L-shaped shelf supports are named shelf bracket and they are a subset of angle brackets. Cabinet shelf support, wardrobe shelf support, shelf pin, shelf support peg, shelf support push, plug-in shelf support – when used in a wardrobe or cabinet.

How do I support the middle of my shelf?

Screwing the shelves into the back is a great start and will provide a significant amount of support along the length of the shelf. Another similar option would be to install a thicker back panel and rout a dado for the entire back of the shelf to sit in.

How do you brace a shelving unit?


  1. Remove all the items from the shelf before beginning any work.
  2. Locate the studs behind your shelf with a stud finder.
  3. Slide the shelf back into position.
  4. Attach the bracket to the wall with screws provided with the bracket.
  5. Add another bracket if there is another stud that sits behind the shelf.

How do you brace long shelves?

By far the easiest way to support a long wooden shelf is by using gussets. You can buy these anywhere, and odds are you already have at least two of them under your shelf right now. Adding more of these creates more support, it makes your shelf more safe. Gussets are also called brackets.

Can you hang a shelf without studs?

Fortunately, there are several different options you can use to support a shelf. The most common one is a drywall anchor, which is like a plastic screw that plugs into drywall. If you’re working with plaster or need something that bears more weight, try using a molly bolt. For very heavy shelves, pick toggle bolts.