What are the dimensions of a grand piano?

What are the dimensions of a grand piano?

What are the dimensions of a grand piano?

Large grand pianos are usually from 6’5″ in length up to 7’4″. They weigh from approximately 650 to 850 lbs. Concert grand pianos are usually from 7’4″ up to 9’6″ in length. They weigh from approximately 900 to 1200 lbs.

How much does a Bechstein grand piano cost?


L167 5’6″ $126,040

What are the dimensions of a Steinway grand piano?

The Steinway Grand Piano (Model D) has a height of 77″ (196 cm), width of 61.75″ (156 cm), and length of 107.75″ (274 cm).

How much space do you need for a grand piano?

Empirical data indicate that the combined length of a room’s walls (assuming that the room’s ceiling is 8 feet high) should be at least 10 times the length of a grand or the height of a vertical piano. For example, a 15 by 20-foot room (15+15+20+20=70 feet) should accommodate a 7-foot grand.

What is the difference between a grand piano and a concert grand piano?

Some piano manufacturers may classify their grand pianos into just three size categories: baby grand, grand and concert grand. Within these categories, a baby grand piano will typically be any piano under 6″ long, a grand will be between 6″ and 7″ and a concert grand will be any grand piano longer than 7″.

Where are Bechstein pianos made?

Bechstein name is synonymous with exquisite grand and upright pianos made in Germany. Discover our other brands – Outstanding quality for ambitious beginners and professional pianists alike.

What is the biggest grand piano?

The largest production piano in the world is the Bösendorfer Imperial Concert Grand which is nine and a half feet long.

Which way should a piano face in a room?

Grand Piano Placement The rule of thumb is that grand pianos should have the left ‘straight edge’ (the bass side) placed against an inner wall (so that it runs parallel to the wall) and the treble side (the open lid) pointing into the room.