What are the Christological themes?

What are the Christological themes?

What are the Christological themes?

Christology is the part of theology that is concerned with the nature and work of Jesus, including such matters as the Incarnation, the Resurrection, and his human and divine natures and their relationship.

What is significant about Christological titles?

Christological titles can have significance for understanding the identity of Christ. Many other topics in Scripture, such as Jesus’ miracles and proclamations of divine authority and place in the kingdom of God, are significant Scriptural starting points in the field of Christology.

What is the relevance of Christology in the 21st century?

In the contemporary setting, ongoing interest in Christology can be seen from the many studies which continue to be published exploring afresh both the scriptural witness and tradition in order to equip the Church more effectively in its mission to witness Christ now and into the future.

What is Christological interpretation?

“christological” or “incarnational” analogy. This appeal draws from the mystery. of the incarnation of Christ in traditional Christian theology: Christ is both hu- man and divine, the eternal Logos in flesh.3 Christ’s human nature was fully hu- man and truly participated in his human environment, and took on the human.

How many types of Christology are there?

Two fundamentally different Christologies developed in the early Church, namely a “low” or adoptionist Christology, and a “high” or “incarnation” Christology. The chronology of the development of these early Christologies is a matter of debate within contemporary scholarship.

What is modern Christology?

Catholic theologian Karl Rahner sees the purpose of modern Christology as to formulate the Christian belief that “God became man and that God-made-man is the individual Jesus Christ” in a manner that this statement can be understood consistently, without the confusions of past debates and mythologies.

Who is Jesus An Introduction to Christology?

The earliest Christians used various titles, most of them drawn from the Old Testament or Hebrew Scriptures, to express their faith in Jesus. They called him prophet, teacher, Messiah, Son of David, Son of Man, Lord, Son of God, Word of God, and occasionally even God.