What are the characteristics of Liliaceae?

What are the characteristics of Liliaceae?

What are the characteristics of Liliaceae?

Liliaceae is the family of around 2500 species of perennial, herbaceous monocots….Characteristics of Liliaceae Family

  • Root: Fibrous root system.
  • Stem: Erect; Liliaceae includes perennial herbs which propagate through bulbs or rhizomes.
  • Leaves: Alternate, simple; exstipulate; parallel venation.

What is the main use of the members of the Hyacinthaceae?

(syn. Eucomis undulata Aiton) bulbs are used in the Eastern Cape of South Africa to treat cancer,19 and are used by Zulu traditional healers as an emetic and enema to treat fevers, as well as for the treatment of skin infections, biliousness, and urinary and respiratory infections.

What is special about Liliaceae family?

Liliaceae are widely distributed, mainly in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere and the flowers are insect pollinated. Many Liliaceae are important ornamental plants, widely grown for their attractive flowers and involved in a major floriculture of cut flowers and dry bulbs.

What type of flower is seen in family Liliaceae?

To sum up, in general, the flowers of the Liliaceae family are bracteate, actinomorphic, bisexual, trimerous and hypogynous. The perianth is with six tepals, gamophyllous and biseriate. Androecium contains six polyandrous stamens, which are epiphyllous and present in two whorls.

How do you identify Liliaceae?

Identifying characteristics of the family Liliaceae:

  1. (i) Plant: Monocot, perennial, shrub, rarely creepers.
  2. (ii) Stem: Bulb, underground modified stem.
  3. (iii) Root: Fibrous root growing from the lower pan of stem.
  4. (iv) Leaf: Simple, alternate.
  5. (v) Flower: Trimerous, Inflorescence umbel.

What other plants are in the asparagus family?

list of plants in the family Asparagaceae

  • genus Agave. cantala (A. cantala) century plant (A.
  • genus Asparagus.
  • bluebell (genus Hyacinthoides)
  • butcher’s broom (Ruscus aculeatus)
  • genus Chlorophytum. spider plant (C. comosum)
  • genus Dracaena. including the former genus Sansevieria.
  • grape hyacinth (genus Muscari)
  • genus Hosta.

Is Liliaceae a drug family?


What is the inflorescence of Liliaceae?

Liliaceae is a family of monocotyledonous plants. Inflorescence of plants in the Liliaceae family is an umbel as in onion or solitary cyme.

What features are used to describe and identify a plant?

Identifying a landscape or garden plant requires recognizing the plant by one or more characteristics, such as size, form, leaf shape, flower color, odor, etc., and linking that recognition with a name, either a common or so-called scientific name.

Which among the following is a distinguishing feature of Fabaceae?

So, the correct answer is ‘Zygomorphic, diadelphous and monocarpellary’.

Which of the following correctly describes the leaves of family Fabaceae?

pinnately compound leaf, zygomorphic flower, racemose.