What are the 8 weapons in Kung Fu?

What are the 8 weapons in Kung Fu?

What are the 8 weapons in Kung Fu?

Basic Chinese Kung Fu Weapons Training The traditional basic, or classical, Chinese Weapons are the broadsword, double edge sword, long shaft and spear. We instruct the Staff, Broadsword, Double Edge Sword, Spear, Twin Swords, Chain & Throwing Knives.

What are the weapons of Shaolin?

They include the common axe, cudgel, spear, halberd, sword and broadsword, 3-section staff, dart, dagger, black tiger hammer, plum blossom broadsword, Bodhidharma staff, tiger hooks and many others. These weapons are equally divided between short and long.

What is a traditional Chinese weapon?

There were hundreds of different types of cold weapons in ancient Chinese battlefields, with the most commonly used including bow (弓), crossbow (弩), sword (剑), broad knife (刀), spear (矛), speargun (枪), cudgel (棍), battleaxe (斧), battle spade (钺), halberd (戟), lance (殳), whip (鞭), blunt sword (锏), hammer (锤), fork (叉).

What sword is used in kung fu?

There are many styles of the kung fu broadsword form, including Drunken Broadsword, Double Broadswords, Tai Chi Broadsword, Giant Pa Kua Broadsword, Hsing Yi Broadsword, Black Tiger, etc. The straight sword differs from the broadsword, mostly in the versatility of its use.

What weapons did China invent?

The early weapons in China were mainly bows and arrows, spears, dagger-axes, knives and swords. The original bows and arrows were crude as the main parts were made of branches of trees and the bowstrings were made of animal hide or tendon or even plant fiber.

What weapons are used in Wing Chun?

Wing Chun teaches only two weapons formally. The Long Pole and the Butterfly swords, both showcased in the Ip Man Series of movies, are powerful weapons that have very interesting pasts. While they are both very effective, neither of them were design originally to kill. This is due to their Shaolin roots.