What are the 5 main geographic regions of Colombia?

What are the 5 main geographic regions of Colombia?

What are the 5 main geographic regions of Colombia?

Colombia can be divided into five traditional geographic regions: the Atlantic lowlands, the Pacific coastal region, the Andean region, the Llanos, and the Amazonian rainforest.

What are the 3 major regions of Colombia?

At the heart of Colombia lies the Andean region, which is crossed by the Andes mountain range, going along the entire western part of South America and which branches out into three parts in our country: the Eastern, Central, and Western mountain ranges.

What are the geographical features of Colombia?

Colombia is a land of extremes. Through its center run the towering, snow-covered volcanoes and mountains of the Andes. Tropical beaches line the north and west. And there are deserts in the north and vast grasslands, called Los Llanos, in the east.

What are the zones of Colombia?

Colombia can be divided into five geographic regions: the Caribbean coast, the Pacific coast, the Andes Mountain Range, the Grassland Plains, and the Amazon Rainforest.

What country is at the bottom of South America?

Tierra del Fuego is the southern tip of the realm with territory in both Argentina and Chile. On the south side of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago is Cape Horn, which is considered the southernmost land point of the continent.

Why South America is called hollow land?

South America does not have many rivers while it has many caves and underground channels of rivers. That’s why it’s called the hollow continent.

How is Colombia different from the United States?

Many of the glaring differences between Columbia and the United States are attributed to tradition. One tradition that differs from Colombia from the United States is religion. In Colombia, most of the population practice the Catholic religion. Other religions are less common.

Where is Colombia on the map?

Where is Colombia? Covering an area of 1,141,748 sq. km, Colombia is a country located in the northwestern part of South America. As observed on the map, the Colombian Andes dominates the landscape in the western part of the country.

Is there a United States of Colombia?

United States of Colombia. The United States of Colombia ( Spanish: Estados Unidos de Colombia) was the name adopted in 1861 by the Rionegro Constitution for the Granadine Confederation, after years of civil war. Colombia became a federal state itself composed of nine “sovereign states”.

What are the mountain ranges in Colombia?

To the east of the Andes mountain ranges lies the savannas; while the Amazon rainforest is situated in the far south-eastern part of the country. Located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range in the extreme northern part of the country is, the Pico Cristobal Colon – the highest peak in Colombia, which rises to an elevation of 18,950ft.

What is the geography like in Colombia?

What is the terrain and geography like in Colombia? The Republic of Colombia (about 440,000 square miles), is in northwest South America. Its location on the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, proximity to the Panama Canal, and economic potential give it a position of international importance.