What are some examples of micro-inequities?

What are some examples of micro-inequities?

What are some examples of micro-inequities?

Examples of micro-inequities include constantly mispronouncing someone’s name, not making eye contact with women in the room, and confusing someone’s ethnicity for another, amongst many others.

What are micro-inequities in the workplace?

According to the theory, micro-inequities are subtle, often unconscious, messages that devalue, discourage and impair workplace performance. They are conveyed through facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, choice of words, nuance and syntax.

What are some examples of micro-inequities and micro aggressions?

Subtle Bias: Micro-Inequities and Micro-Aggressions

  • The leader says good morning to everyone but one person.
  • A manager repeatedly ignores the existence of a colleague in the elevator.
  • A group of employees go out for coffee or drinks after work and leave one person on the team consistently behind.

What are examples of micro behaviors?

Micro-behaviours are subtle gestures which can be interpreted in a number of different ways. They include things like our posture, tone of voice, gestures, and the words we use.

How do you address Microinequities?

Micro Inequities Impede Productivity

  1. If you are the receiver of a micro inequity, ask the person if you can give them some feedback, and if they say no, ask them when might be a better time.
  2. Assume positive intent, or at least, do not assume negative intent.

What is the difference between micro aggressions and micro-inequities?

A micro inequity is a slight that demeans or marginalizes the recipient. It can result from an omission such as when the leader says hello to all the men but not the one woman in the elevator. A micro aggression is an act that stereotypes or denigrates the recipient.

What are micro actions?

Micro-actions are actions so small, so easy, that they hardly feel worth doing. When we think of things like this (if we ever do) we often think about how taking one small action, repeatedly, over long periods of time, adds up. It’s the compounding effect of incremental change, and it’s awesome.

What is the difference between micro-inequities and micro aggressions?

What are Micromessages?

MICRO MESSAGES Small, subtle, and often unintentional messages we send and receive verbally and non-verbally. We subconsciously communicate values and expectations that can be supportive (micro-affirmations) or negative (micro-inequities).

What are micro advantages?

Micro-advantages are gestures, facial expressions, choices of words, and tones that are even more subtle but just as important in making the person feel valued and appreciated. Examples of micro-advantages are: making eye contact, nodding and smiling, and not crossing your arms.

How can you address inequities within your team?

Six Ways To Tackle Workplace Inequality In 2021

  1. Recognize that tackling inequality is not the role of one, it’s the coming together of everyone.
  2. Stop encouraging “mother’s guilt”
  3. Recognize intersectionality to further widen perspectives.
  4. Embed flexible working.
  5. Take a holistic approach to diversity and inclusion (D&I)

What are Macroaggressions?

A macroaggression is an act of racism towards everyone of a race, gender or group. An example of a macroaggression would be individuals spreading misinformation about COVID-19 and placing blame on Asia.