What are some examples of calque?

What are some examples of calque?

What are some examples of calque?

An “Adam’s apple,” for example, is a calque of the French pomme d’Adam, and “beer garden” is a calque of the German Biergarten. In both cases, the English phrases came from a direct, literal translation of the original.

What is a calque word?

Calque / Loan Translation: What Is It? In linguistics, a calque (or loan translation) can be defined as a word-for-word translation from one language into another. For example, when you take a phrase in French and then literally translate root-for-root or word-for-word into English, that’s a calque.

What’s the difference between loanword and calque?

A calque (otherwise known as a loan translation): is a word or phrase taken from one language and translated literally, word-for-word, into another language. Whereas a loanword: is a foreign word or expression maintained in its original form in the target language.

What is a loanword definition?

Definition of loanword : a word taken from another language and at least partly naturalized.

What is the meaning of Hypocorism?

a pet name
Definition of hypocorism 1 : a pet name. 2 : the use of pet names.

What is the meaning of Calquing?

When used as a verb, “to calque” means to borrow a word or phrase from another language while translating its components, so as to create a new lexeme in the target language. For instance, the English word “skyscraper” led to calques in dozens of other languages.

What is the difference between a cognate and a loanword?

Loanwords are simply bits of vocabulary stolen (it’s not like they actually get given back) from an unrelated language to bolster the lexicon. In contrast, cognate words share a common ancestry and are, thus, related in the genetic sense.

What is Calquing in word formation?

Calquing is the word formation process in which a borrowed word or phrase is translated from one language to another. For example, the following common English words are calqued from foreign languages: beer garden – German – Biergarten.