What are 4 substructure of a bridge?

What are 4 substructure of a bridge?

What are 4 substructure of a bridge?

The substructure of a bridge is the component that supports the superstructure and distributes the load to the bridge footings and foundation. They consist of piers, abutments, wing walls all of which facilitate the process of transmitting the weight of the load to the earth.

What are parts of a bridge superstructure?

The superstructure components mainly include the beams or girders, arches, cables, handrails, parapet walls, and decks. However, the type of superstructure components may vary based on the type of bridge i.e. the superstructure components can vary for steel, concrete and composite bridges.

What is superstructure in bridge construction?

Superstructures are defined by AASHTO as “Structural parts of the bridge that provide the horizontal span.” This is a very general definition. For conventional bridges, the superstructure is often defined as the portion of the bridge above the bridge bearings.

What is foundation and substructure?

Most of the foundations consist of two parts: Superstructure – Foundation that lies above the ground level. Substructure – Foundation that lies below the ground level. The solid ground on which the foundation lies is termed as the foundation bed. The foundation transmits the load of the structure and it’s self-weight.

What are the parts of bridges called?

Main Parts of a Bridge

  • Deck.
  • Abutment.
  • Pile.
  • Pier.
  • Girder.
  • Rail Track.

What do you call the parts of a bridge?

Span: The length of the bridge from one pier to another. Superstructure: The superstructure is the part of the bridge that absorbs the live load. (The abutment, piers, and other support elements are referred to as the substructure.)

What does substructure mean?

Definition of substructure : an underlying or supporting part of a structure.

What are the beams of a bridge called?

Girder: A girder is the main horizontal support beam on a bridge. It supports the smaller beams. Girders often have an I-beam cross section made up of two load-bearing flanges separated by a stabilizing web.

What is substructure construction?

The substructure or underbuilding is that largely hidden section of the building which is built off the foundations to the ground floor level. Under Building Construction. The standard form of underbuilding construction uses two skins of dense concrete blockwork for all external walls.

What are the substructure parts?

The basic components of a building substructure are the foundation and plinth beam. These components safely transfer the load from the superstructure to the ground….Foundation

  • Strip Foundation (Shallow Foundation)
  • Raft Foundation (Shallow Foundation)
  • Pile Foundation (Deep Foundation)

What is included in substructure?

Abstract. The substructure is that part of a building or other structure which is below the ground, unlike the superstructure which is above the ground. Typical stages or elements of the substructure, such as foundations, are listed in the margin.