What age group is Nivea cellular filler?

What age group is Nivea cellular filler?

What age group is Nivea cellular filler?

The range is designed to be used from around the age of 60, however it can be used from your 50’s if you are starting to see the tell-tale signs of loss of contour, loss of elasticity, loss of strength and firmness, loss of moisture, wrinkles and lines and the development of age spots.

How do I use Nivea Cellular Anti age?

How to

  1. 1Cleanse. Prepare your skin by thoroughly cleansing it.
  2. 2Apply. Apply product onto cleansed face at night.
  3. 3Best results. Best, use whole NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler range.

What is Cellular Cream?

Nivea NIVEA Cellular Elasticity Day Cream – Activates skin cells to produce their own Hyaluronic Acid. With age, the facial skin loses its natural moisture and elasticity and it does not look as shaped as it used to. Younger-looking facial skin is a visible reflection of cellular activity deep within the skin tissue.

Does Nivea cellular filler work?

I seldom find products actually keeping up to my moisturizing needs but this one truly did. The cream also absorbs really fast into my skin and doesn’t leave any stickiness what so ever. It also works well with makeup on top. It has SPF 15 in it which is good, but it isn’t enough.

How do you use Nivea Hyaluron cell filler?

How to

  1. Apply morning and evening on cleansed face before your usual moisturiser.
  2. Use on whole face, avoiding direct eye contact.
  3. Continue use for best results.
  4. For optimal results complement your routine with additional NIVEA HYALURON CELLULAR FILLER +ELASTICITY products.

What is Nivea cellular filler?

NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Anti-Age Day Cream SPF 15 contains a combination of Hyaluron and Magnolia extract. With regular use, this formula reduces the appearance of wrinkles, improves firmness and promotes surface skin renewal, leaving you with younger looking skin.

Which Nivea contains hyaluronic acid?

NIVEA MEN Anti-Age Hyaluron Face Moisturising Cream SPF 15 with Hyaluronic Acid – is the ideal face care product for healthy and younger-looking skin. The Anti-Age Face Moisturising Cream with Hyaluronic Acid visibly reduces wrinkles & firms your skin for a healthy & younger look.

How do you use Nivea cellular filler?

Product application: Carefully massage into the face each morning, taking care to avoid the eyes. Pair with our NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Anti-Age Night Cream for maximum benefit. Product Description: Wrinkles are visibly reduced.

How do you use Nivea cell filler serum?

How to

  1. 1Prepare. Prepare your skin by thoroughly cleansing it.
  2. 2Apply. Apply the hyaluronic acid serum every morning and night.
  3. 3Results. For best results, use with Hyaluron Cellular Filler Day Cream.

How do you use Nivea Hyaluron cellular filler?

Is Nivea hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic Acid is one of NIVEA’S top anti-ageing ingredients. When used in a topical cream or lotion, this potent ingredient gives your skin the ultimate moisture boost – and who doesn’t love a bit of hydration?

How do you use Nivea cell filler?