Was Ivan Moody a singer in Motograter?

Was Ivan Moody a singer in Motograter?

Was Ivan Moody a singer in Motograter?

James Anthony Legion
Ivan L. MoodyJhode Romero

Why did Motograter break up?

Motograter, hiatus and breakup (2002–2006) During the development of their debut album later that year, Zak Ward departed from the band over artistic differences. The band then recruited Ivan “Ghost” Moody and continued work on the album.

What genre is Motograter?

Groove metal

When was Ivan Moody with Motograter?

The band played a few shows around the Los Angeles area in 2002 and made a demo which was not released. The following year, he joined the nu metal band Motograter. They released their self-titled studio album on June 24, 2003.

Who is Nova Moody?

Ivan Moody daughter, Nova was born in the year 1998. During one of his performances in Tucson, AZ, he introduced his daughter to his fans. Nova Moody joined her father on stage and sang together. Ivan is currently single.

Is Ivan Moody Russian?

Ivan Moody is a composer born in London, England, in 1964. He studied composition with at London University, York University and privately with John Tavener.

What is the name of Motograter’s debut album?

Motograter is the debut album released by the nu metal band Motograter on June 24, 2003. Although the album has a total of 22 tracks, half of them are short, static tracks, which are all the names of the tracks reversed. For instance, Eman On is a reversed version of No Name, and a message can clearly be heard in the last 5 seconds.

Who is the founder of Motograter?

Motograter was founded in Santa Barbara, California, in 1995 by Robert Bruce “Grater” Butler, the inventor of the motograter instrument, and percussionist Joey “Smur” Krzwonski. In their early years, they experimented with various sounds and instruments.

What did the ex-Motograter drummer blast the guitarist for?

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